A Day At The Park

Today the girls, my mom, brother and I took a walk over to the park.  On a day like today of course it was hot, sunny and crowded. There were babies and children of all ages accompanied by their care givers.  I would consider myself to be a social person, in fact I think that I may be raising two quite social twindollicious babies also.  Therefor when we are amongst a park full of people its fun time!  But, how about when you are the odd one out ?  I had three different woman in the park ask me if the girls were mine and if my brother was the father.  Believe me I am aware that in this day and age and country most parents do not go to the park with their own children during the week day working hours, but with the looks and questions I experienced today..IDK. I even had one woman tell me that one of the girls didnt look like me…REAlly? :):)


Today I have taken the time to analyze every emotion and facial expression my girls have expressed. We must remember to take the time to realize that we are building characters from birth to hope that these little ones become great people. With the tragedy that occurred in aurora, co we should all take the time to nurture and love our children along with your neighbors children.

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Hello world!

Twindollicious blogging has just begun!! We would like to blog about all things surrounding the life of twins or just two great friends that have twin like connections.  Any two can be Twindollicious.  We have worked hard on finding the humor in the lives of fraternal twin girls that have everything in common except for their looks and have come up with our first children’s book… “Precisely Twindollicious”.. Once again, “Any two can be Twindollicious” ( Quote from book two).

I say our, because my twindollicious girls have inspired me throughout this process.

I Love those Yummy Dolls.