The 24 hour burger

This weekend I made cheeseburgers on the grill for lunch. I figured I would let the girls try the beef, why not. Well apparently the beef on a bun with some cheese can last a looong time. Lunch was served around 1 pm, daddy came home around 2 pm and everyone left the table to greet him… Along came mr cheeseburger. I asked are you done Kennedy ? No, was her response. An hour later Kennedy is in the playhouse in the yard with mr. Cheeseburger. So I tell her please put the burger in the garbage we’re going out. My husband puts the girls in the car with whom else mr. Cheeseburger. We come home 4 hours later, I bring the burger in , place it in the garbage. But someone must have spotted me and removed it from the garbage because 1 hour later she was hiding from her sister behind the chair with a belly full of laughter and a handful of cheeseburger… At bed time I finally removed the cheeseburger from the house.


We believe in white after labor day

I don’t know who made up the rule of not wearing white pants, skirts, shorts, dresses or whatever after labor day, but I think it’s shameful to keep this tradition going. As I was dressing my Twindollicious girlies I hesitated before putting on their white ankle cuffed joe jeans. Then I thought what am I crazy??… They weren’t cheap and they’re pretty stylish for 20 month old girls. The most important thing was to not begin to teach them things that actually does not hold meaning to me. With that, they can wear what ever they want with confidence and look beautiful. What do you think?


Twindollicious Fashion week for Children

In keeping everyone posted from the last blog of my little Vittoria choosing shoes for her and her sissy… she did so graciously.  She chose for them to wear their nude, braided cole haan sandals to match their beautiful yet casual outfit.  While choosing shoes I came to realize that these children have grown very quickly over the summer.  Now, I can get away with wearing the same shoes or fashions from two seasons ago with a little mix here and there, but these two need to start attending Fashion Week for every season with the way they are growing.  I am off on a hunt to find the most neutral casual shoes for the Fall Season to match their wardrobe. I am actually in love with the Toms for kids in a silver.  They should work out perfectly.  I hope that Kennedy and Vittoria approve… 😉 ;).