The looks that toddlers give to the doctor

The past four days has been quite interesting. We’ve had some cases of the stomach virus, but in a twin sort of way. Our doctor also thought it was quite interesting how one child had two days of only diarrhea and the other has only had vomitting (sorry for the tmi). Can this be a true twin thing? I think it is so fascinating how they could possibly experience things like this. Well at least during this time it all evens out. Take a look at their faces to the doctor, from today’s visit at the wonderful office.


Pumpkin picking fun for children and adults

This weekend we celebrated grandma jojo’s 60th birthday by visiting baiting hollow farms in long island ny.
When the plans were first presented to me I couldn’t imagine a place that had wine tasting, farm animals, playground area and pumpkin picking all at once. To my surprise this place exceeded my expectations.

Vittoria and Kennedy were especially happy because they love music and of course there was a band. A band playing good oL country music with some line dancing. The only thing I regret is not recording these two party girls kicking and spinning, trying to learn the new dance. Once done with wine and eating we made our way over to the pumpkin patch, which included a corn maze ( that daddy decided to get lost in). With happy toasted adults and children in a playground area everyone was happy in the end. By 6 pm the adults packed themselves in their limousine and the girls comfortably snuggled in their car seats …we made the 1 1/2 hour ride home. It was all worth it. If anyone in the ny area is up for some fun for everyone take a ride over. I’m pretty sure the limousine is the best way to go for adults there were many there.


Can nurturing a product equal success

The precisely Twindollicious book has been in the works for some months now and is finally coming to a close. After taking the time to think the project through and plan a strategy that may help with marketing and spreading the word…I Believe, that I have now nurtured a project and hope that it will bring success and empowerment to wonderful twins all over. Can it be true that if you take care of something so well you shall see the fruits of your labor. Isn’t that what they all say? We shall see. I would like to share the beginning stages of art work from the designer; which is the logo.


Aim to raise successful and happy children

With our busy week of my husbands business launch party behind us I begin to reflect. I have a vision in my head; while looking out from the stage of many people that I didn’t know. Here I was trying to get my dolled up 20 month old daughters through the night to support their dad and almost forgot why we were there, until I looked out in the crowd. There were so many successful people that I would consider to be strangers to me and my children. Some of them were asking to hold a child, some expressed that they’ve never had children and most of them were so welcoming to invite us to their homes and freely offering new opportunities. When reflecting back I think of all of the people I would love for my children to be influenced spend time with, to learn from …with me first on the list of
course. I say this because nurturing good children and showing them the basics of treating people the way you want to be treated creates wonderful, considerate, successful people. When understanding people you understand the world. Though I have twins I praise individual successes and only love the same. Praying that they will become happy and successful young ladies one day.