IVF is heaven sent for some

Invitro Fertilization may be unethical to some.  But for others it may be heaven sent.  For me personally, as a believer in god.. it was heaven sent.  I remember having a talk with god, and saying that I was more than ready to become a mom, probably before I spoke to my husband :).  However, things did not fall into place the way they do for most people.  After trying the old fashioned way we had to seek help, which took more time, tears, effort and prayers. I recall having a conversation with a very close friend on the telephone, and she said to me “do you see all of these people walking around with multiples? Well that could be you”.  It was at that moment that it became real to me that  IVF could possibly be our road to success.

Though having this conversation with my friend, I did not dream of having twins/multiples.  What most people do not realize is when you are faced with the unability of having children, you want one.. atleast one  (I know that was the least that I’d asked for once our process was complete).  When our doctor gave us the wonderful new of two successful eggs.. I Thanked God for that miracle or those miracles, because it was heaven sent and that doctor was my angel.  He will always be an angel to me.  I had to share this because I was recently asked to share my story of IVf and pregnancy…. which, by the way after conception came alot of scary moments and 8 months of bedrest, doctors, home nursing and other things.  But I have only shared the short version of this success story for all believers.  Yes this process is man made but god has made it capable for these angels to help yearning people become hopefully become great parents. Does anyone else agree or disagree for personal reasons?

Happy Halloween or the memorial of sandy

As we are in the recovery stages of this horrible storm mother nature has blessed us with.. Here comes Halloween. Or is it the other way around, as we were preparing for Halloween here comes this storm. I happen to live in staten island, by where many people have lost their homes and lives. Our home was hardly effected besides a fence and electricity for a while, but we do have family staying with us because their home was practically under water. We are so happy and blessed to have been able to help them. I say that we are happy to help and some may not understand, but for me I will always help someone that is working so hard that help is needed. I have seen the looks on their faces of exhaustion after cleaning and salvaging whatever they can… I could imagine it being very hard.
However I did dress the girls for Halloween. we are blessed to all be alright and I figured we would visit their greatgrandma in the nursing home to put a smile on her face and boy did they. All of her friends gathered around to see the girls pom poms go. Back in our neighborhood we took a walk around but it didn’t feel the same. I had one neighbor come out their home with treats to say that we must go on because we have to keep the children happy.. Not to take the cheer out of Halloween.. But what about the people that will remember this day as a tragedy We shall see what next year brings. How do you feel about this tragedy and the effect it may have on Halloween for new Yorkers?