Happy new year and happy birthday to my babies

Lets all start off on a new journey for the new year! I love new years eve for many reasons; first being because at 10:17 and 10:18 pm my twin girls were born and we rang in that year in a recovery room happier that ever. In a great way I feel that joy every year on this day. I also love the start of new beginnings and NYE is a day to close the door of last year whether bad nor good and grow mentally and spiritually when opening the other. My girls have seen another year and are now 2 wow!! And to think that we all were almost ready for dooms day on 12/21/2012 according to someone Mis reading the Mayans recordings. On that day we were living it up as if it were a just a great winters day… With a lot going on lol. Kennedy and Vittoria attended a holiday party in the mid-town nyc with their dad. We then went over to a holiday party in soho for me (mom) where the girls walked a red carpet… So cute to see kids in front of a step and repeat and last but not least visited the Rockefeller Christmas tree for ice skate watching. Overall it has been a great year for us personally and with our “Precisely Twindollicious” book coming out in March we’re turning the key and opening up that new door. We wish everyone a healthy and Happy new year and god bless!




The things that children say

I have experienced my first belly laugh caused by one of my children. I know that many parents have experienced this before and I have heard hilarious stories but when it actually happens to you it’s remarkable..lol. My little Kennedy whom I call ms independent, personality, diva, fashionista has officially begun to give opinions on what she will and will not wear. The latest occurrence took place yesterday when we finally had a chance to open a gift from my M I L. She gave a gift to the children after the thanksgiving day parades Santa float appeared. It’s a tradition… Maybe some are aware of it. Anyway I finally got a chance to show the gift to the girls and it was a sheepskin, beige (I won’t disclose the name but for those children shoppers of all local kids stores know where it is from) jacket/coat with a hood and buttons etc. At first glance I looked it over and then asked the girls to try on the new jacket. Well Kennedy says NO! Vittoria then follows with a NO! Now I begin to convince and plead… Just try it, it’s beautiful. Finally my husband comes home and I tell him to try. He gets Vittoria to try it on and then Kennedy. Well she put on the jacket and once the hood was placed on her head she looked at her dad and said RUG??! She immediately took it off and placed it in her shopping cart. I guess she will be returning it. FYI we must have the same taste..


Semi Bullying via Internet

Is it me or has anyone that has tried to sell on eBay feel bullied when a buyer isn’t completely happy with an item? I know that when listing an item you must be honest, and detailed and pictures never hurt..in order to get the sale. You should also be prompt with your shipping and at least a neat package. This all started after looking in my girls closet 3 months ago and realizing that I have to prepare for another season of clothing and make room in their closet. Well what better way than to sell their mostly brand new(because they were always out of size and season being preemies when someone buys a gift) designer clothed wardrobe that’s better than mine. With this great idea I have been able to lose some stuff to purchase more …Great! However I have encountered some crazies.. Like I would never want to be in that Kansas department store when your big foot doesn’t fit in the actual sized shoe. Can it be that the Internet or eBay gives buyers so much confidence and make sellers so afraid of negativity that the “I’m unhappy with my product” email starts out with insults, capital letters and demands? Really?! Would someone face a cashier or customer service rep that way. There is such a thing as being nice until someone gives a reason not to. Maybe im taking it too personal because these are my precious items, but I swear these items are gorg :). Here’s an example just for goodness sake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚