The Twindollicious closet is opening!

The Twindollicious closet is opening physically and mentally. As my two adorable girls grow they are learning and exploring so much. Through them I have found a new me in myself. One that dares to take more risks and push to the limit. (I hope) I hope is what the old me would say but for these two larger than life fearless doll babies I will. There are so many things that we have begun to tackle with the start of this Twindollicious brand, which I am excited about. For starters the book expo America is on the agenda for this coming May ( my first for all of you wonderful pro writers). Our fashion closet of designing is on etsy one piece at a time, listed under Twindollicious as our website is being developed. With that, I have to say that the picking comes solely from ms Kennedy the fashionista πŸ™‚ , the idea of selling at a rate of buy 1 get 1 comes from mommy and the great experience of shopping for 2, as Ms Vittoria is responsible for the beautiful packaging …she is the organized one . And lastly I will share the thrifting of our brand which many people say you probably should not do until all patents are complete, but I know that many parents will love this….and if some billionaire comes along and makes it happen than its with gods blessings πŸ™‚ …..The Closet thrifting is a place held on the site where parents can buy, sell and donate only children’s goods and clothing as in comparison to similar sites for all goods. How exciting is that when your 2 year old grows out of that Burberry jacket that she/he (x’s 2 for me) only wore once and now you have to prep for the next size or season?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚





Day 16 of the new year!

January 16 marks the 16th day of a new year.?? I keep hearing everyone mention that it’s only 6 days, 12 days or 16 days in for that matter. Talk about putting the pressure on to make some changes and succeed at those resolutions. I’ve never thought of counting down or up the days into the new year. I also don’t remember ever making a resolution that lasted past the 31st.
As a matter of fact on 12/31/2012 I made my resolution and have acted on it because it is my new responsibility. I’m not sure if this will help others as far as the thought of your resolution, but it works for me. With that I am attaching a new page development from our “Precisely Twindollicious” book. I hope you all like it. Can anyone guess what my resolution was πŸ™‚ :).