Kids fashion week by Twindollicious sissys

On this rainy Saturday in new York at a high of 44 degrees lol we are heading out to have lunch with friends and family. The girls love their baby Zara shoes. They are so trendy and casual, we matched them with a comfy old navy sweater and gap leggings. Of course Kennedy needed an added accessory. If only I could explain what is in this bag :). Maybe mommy has to create a sturdy one. Count down to kids fashion week!



Kids Fashion Week

In honor and celebration of kids fashion week in NYC we will be sharing our Twindollicious picks until the event ends 3/13. We are so excited to live in the moment!! Love all little people, little peoples fashion and kids fashion week NY. Can’t Wait.

Behind door #1: Magenta Swarovski crystal design pants by Aqua and classic gap swing polka dot design top


Great life stories with a better ending

Is it better to stay quite when someone is being harassed and discredited, place your energy into greater things to rise above or should you place your energy in the fire and burn with the negativity? As all of the great ones say hard work equals success and that is the method that I will follow to teach my girls the right things in life.

Giving back is rewarding

We recently ran a contest on our Facebook and twitter pages for all of the readers and friends of Twindollicious to celebrate family literacy. During the time of entering until the winner was announced I was so anxious to see who the winner was going to be. On valentines day the winner was chosen. I felt as if I had one the Barnes and noble gift card! I waited impatiently πŸ™‚ for the winner to contact us for with her forwarding information. Giving back can be so rewarding! You don’t always have to be on the receiving end to appreciate things.

Girls and make-ups

Who knew that a war over makeups…as my two year old girls call it, starts at this age.? Well, these two spend time during the day playing with their toy pocket books, mirrors and makeups and that is wonderful and adorable to me. But today they happened to stumble upon daddy’s (non the less) bumblebee Chapstick and it all began. From my moment of making dinner in the quiet, peaceful lonesome kitchen entered a loud screech, bang and mooooommmy! I enter the dining room to see hair pulling, bags flying and two babies on the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh. Is that wrong of me? It was a moment I have never experienced in my life personally because I didnt grow up with a sister. I guess I was living vicariously through them for a moment as most parents do. As I intervened,I myself tripped over the dining room table and That was when reality set in. This may be just the beginning. What is going to happen in 15 years when someone is wearing someone else’s Bobbi brown lip gloss? That’s when I put them together, took the Chapstick away and said “hug!” I think this will be my remedy for as long as it works because it did. I’m pretty sure that mom’s of older children, experienced moms and sisters have stories to share. I Love my Twindollicious babies.