Easter Egg Hunts, Baskets and More

Well the easter bunny has just left our house. He dropped off a bunch of goodies for the girls and planted some extra eggs around for them to find.
Personally Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, besides the great significance behind it, there’s so much fun involved. There are those beautiful Easter bonnets and dresses; suits and ties, family and friends. I had to share some photos of our Baskets.
Tip: for moms with multiples or just more than one child keepsake baskets with their on them goes a long way. It eliminates confusion over not finding the exact same straw design disposable basket and it helps the children with name recognition ;)……now all you have to worry about is filling it up evenly and putting it away for the next year. This was a great gift given to my girls on their first Easter πŸ™‚ :). The rest of our fillings of course are so Twindollicious with bff t shirts by ruum, chalk (a favorite) beads, bunnies, bubbles and bows.
We’re also sharing their first Easter bonnet.. Not exactly traditional but they were pretty small babies and had to stay warm.




Patience and Creative overload

Twindollicious is in creative overload mode! I have officially opened an etsy account ||twindollicious.etsy|| and began building this two of a kind doll like fashion for girls two pieces at a time. I guess its the wait for the release of the “Twindollicious” first series picture book; “Violet and Kelly are Twindollicious” and the possible title changes that has me in complete dress design, creative overload. Why sit around and wait when something else so twindollicious could be trending. As the older and wiser say never let the grass grow under your feet.



Like peanut butter and jelly

It’s so fascinating to see sisters/twins so alike yet opposite like mirrors. Here I have two that share a few physical similarities a few personality similarities but their differences balance them out…..especially when it comes to fashion. They were both excited to try a hand at making this new black rose dress we’ve added to etsy, but when it came to trying it on I had a professional photographer and a model sister team. For a minute I had to stand back and watch because Kennedy posed great for her sister. It’s Amusing in a child’s world πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




Fashion Forward after FW for Kids

Fashion week for kids and all of the fun has come to an end or has it?! Now is the time to take away all of those great and creative ideas and colors and put them into action. It’s time to style, create your own and add on to what is missing. The bold beautiful prints along with the comfortable casual colors come together to make an array of Twindollicious-ness for me as mommy! To our sweet friend/follower of the blog here are some of our favorite trends for spring. Starting from the top to the bottom with this Fedora for girls….must have!



Scavenger hunt winner

We spent the weekend scoping out the smallest pieces of furniture and necessary objects that will work in the 10 x 10 book expo space. And where do you find these great pieces, in Ikea. Well, they happened to have a scavenger hunt going on through twitter and I had to join in the fun. It wouldn’t be me if I had not. The rules of the game were to take photos in certain areas of the store and to follow the tweet directions. I am attaching one of the photos that I chose under the option to tweet a picture “cooking in the kitchen”. I had to make it cute and creative, why not. We had fun doing it and that is what counts. Then we won!


Navy Blue Looks Good On You

Though I know we are all in preparation for spring, warm weather and children’s fashion week featuring bright bold colors. It was pretty cold here in New York today which put us in the mood to wear warm rich colors like navy blue.
This baby Zara sweater is such a comfy look especially with its added patch elbows. We are loving baby Zara. I think that this little munchkins face expresses it all. I tell you, this is a natural pose :). I had to catch it, as she’s sporting her (happen to match) Ralph Lauren riding inspired pants which was a great gift from one of her favorite people ;).

Stay plugged into Twindollicious blogging. We are prepping to share more Twindollicious faces photographed by an award winning children’s photographer which will include their stories.