The Stage is set

As I look at the photo of our completed booth from NYC Javits book Expo America I can’t help but to feel a bit nostalgic. The feeling of walking into a beautifully displayed room full of colors, illustrations and books is a great one. I will continue to add posts, happenings and photos from the expo for the next 3 days, to keep everyone up to date with our Twindollicious experience.


How did you spend your memorial day weekend

As we come to an end to this long, important holiday weekend here in the USA known as Memorial Day I wanted to share some of our activities, thoughts and fashion. The Twindollicious story is available in stores and doing great πŸ™‚ :), so we’ve taken a quick, very quick breath of fresh air to relax this weekend. My extended family loves touch base on this day; especially with the elders (85 and up) to reflect on their memories of our historical men in armor. My great grandfather happily wore his uniform for this country, and I will always admire a person that does so. Our family stayed local (NY) and enjoyed the holiday sales in the men’s suit and department stores. We visited the good old movie theater to see The animated movie Epic. This movie was great! The animation was so creative, and the storyline was created in such a favorable way; it included real life with just enough fiction to keep you guessing what will happen next. I think that this is my favorite part of animated stories. You never know what will happen next. On monday, we took a walk to the beach to enjoy the sounds and smells of spring. Throughout this entire weekend the girls were trending stripes in all colors for the flag and to get ready for our Twindollicious summer collection.






What a difference a year makes

Another year has gone by, but for some reason it’s been a year that I have been anticipating to pass. I now have 2 year old twin girls with the funniest personalities ever. Their facial expressions, mini conversations and songs that they sing are amazing! A bigger milestone occurred when the 3 of us were so excited to open up the UPS box for the long awaited “Any Two CAn Be Twindollicious”. They recognize the characters that we have come to know so well. They love their twindollicious hair bows more than any other accessory and when they see the illustrations of violet and Kelly, they yell twindollicious!!

Now, finally to enjoy the story πŸ™‚ :). Vittoria has her favorite part..violet sticking her foot in the mud. Kennedy loves Petey the guinea pig. What will be your favorite parts to read to your little ones?! You may pre order a copy from our site or which will be autographed or on 6/6/13 order a copy on or