Summer Lovin’ & All About The Ocean

We are now a full 2nd week in to summer!! The weather has been great and we have discovered that this summer will be all about the ocean. The girls are so interested in Mermaids (with the help of Coney Islands Mermaid Parade and Dora). They are learning to swim, love collecting seashells, sea creatures and request to go to the beach almost everyday. I must say with it only being 2 full weekends into the summer we have visited 3 beaches in New York/New Jersey…don’t you just love New York in the summer! This year Vita (Vittoria) is enjoying her feet in the sand…. Lucky for me; now I am only responsible for carrying bags & Etc Etc Etc 🙂 :). So far in our experience we highly recommend visiting Coney Island, as top beach for eclectic entertainment, landmark exhibits and rides, and of course the ocean. Here are some of our favorite oceanic images!




Extra Extra Read All About It! We’re Turning 1

With July approaching oh so fast, I had to share my gratitude and excitement with my blog friends and family for making this year a pleasant surprise. I decided to write a children’s book in May 2012 based on my inspirational twin girls relationship that they have with each other. I imagined most of it, being they were only 1 years old. But a mom can dream up how they’d want their children to be right?! I had written down so many real life funny things and stories that I decided to start a blog and add images of all things Twindollicious; with fashion and hairbows at the front lines. We now have over 2,000 new friends that I would love to meet , but we’ll discuss the road trip,”Meet Twindollicious Campaign” soon…do stay tuned. To celebrate our 1 year of blogging success with more to come in the Twindollicious World I will be adding images that are near and dear to us as well as updates, events and campaign book info for
to hopefully meet our new friends soon.
In the meantime, please enjoy this write up/release of our story


There’s always sun after the rain

It has been quite rainy here in New York, so when we are given the opportunity we head out doors for the next fun thing to do; which usually includes some sort of park. The girls are heavily into parks now and that is at all times of the day. We decided to start our pre summer weekends with bright colors and Pt Pleasant, NJ (jersey shore). From New Jersey to Hamptons,NY there is a lot of park grounds to cover. We were Happy to see that after the rain/storm/hurricane etc of sandy the shore has been restored and the amusement park was in full gear. It’s times like these that inspire me create fun filled twin stories.





BEA It’s Been Great

It has been Three days since book expo America at NYC Javits has ended and it has now all come together. BEA has created business connections that are very beneficial, opportunities, knowledge and fun memories; especially when the girls and family came to visit and support on day 3. As I think back at That list of things that we should all do, it really works when you begin to list, revisit and cross things off. Please never hesitate to follow through with your list and embrace whatever outcome may be.