Summer Bucket List .. Check!

We have placed a big check on our Summer 2013 Bucket List and that is riding our scooters in the park while wearing our helmets.. As you can see there were strategies involved, along with plans, negotiations and knee padded leggings from the Twindollicious collection. Oh and we also checked off flying a helicopter.. “No, that was Just Daddy” (In Kennedy’s voice).




It’s a cool, cool Summer

It’s mid July and the Summer is flying by but not fast enough to send a breeze our way; That is until tonight.. (But we’re not complaining). We have found ways to stay cool in even cooler places and want to share them with you. The waterfronts are our favorite places, whether it is the beach, river or lake we live it. I think that everyone should know that if they’re fortunate to have one close to their homes… It’s a must do for a cool breeze at anytime of the day or night. Our choice of waterfront playtime has been in Dumbo, downtown Brooklyn and the Hudson river front. The girls are able to ride the carousel, explore what it feels like to be under the Brooklyn bridge, meet new friends, cool off in and by the water while creating new memories. We would live to know What are some of your favorite waterfronts or beaches near you?




Happy Summer Love V & K of “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious”

page1_final-2_revisedI am pretty sure everyone is wondering what Violet and Kelly; our best friends from our children’s book is up to this summer. We would like to share that they are having a cool and relaxing time on a beautiful island in the tropics. Their travelling grandma found this hidden treasure island long before they were born and has since been a place for their family to retreat to during the summer. We would like to know where are your summer retreats? We cant wait until they return and share more stories with us. Some how I think that their stories will include a little magic. I was given a clue by their best friends Vittoria and Kennedy; who have been shouting this new word “Hocus Pocus” all around the house.

Recognizing Twindollicious

I love receiving art work photos from our readers of “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” !! I believe the girls love it even more. After sharing each photo, they ask “who is that mama Twindollicious?” (in 2 year old pronunciation syllables) It completely melts my heart that they recognize Twindollicious; which has been created for them xoxo




Twindollicious Sisters meet the MilkPopShop

Summer in NYC is great and especially so when you have the chance to interact with other beautiful children that love the artist and creator of Milk POP Shop; Jenna. We spent our late afternoon in Union Square Park, on the green grass, under shaded trees playing ballerina in our Twindollicious tutus, with artists of all kinds thanks to the shop… (ah the sound of summer). Here’s a peak at set up, awaiting the kiddies arrival to become artists in the park. The girls loved creating new t shirts πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ btw…vita smiles with extra cheese like her mommy




Startups Rule the Future for the next Generation

I usually cover our personal twins stories, facts and funnies and with our latest venture to pave the way for my twin girls I needed to share our appreciation for all of the hardworking startups. These startups have created new industries for our children to look forward to. Our collaboration with zulily has made me aware of how a single persons idea can open doors for many others. The next generation is going to be powerful!