Summer Fun Fall Fashion

By the looks of what’s to come we’re in for a busy fall season for Twindollicious and the sissy’s. I will be posting lots of fun photos of the girls rehearsing for a fashion show, (happening in September) that they will be a part of. They will be modeling new designers and partnerships funded by and given at the Barclay Center, NY.

Over the weekend they were their busy friendly selves; meeting friends, had numerous fittings (a girls dream), approving new looks for Twindollicious and even enjoyed some downtime. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and enjoying the last few weeks… Time does fly when you’re enjoying yourself. This is why summer brings about the best memories.





Twins Day Celebration

We are completely in love with the Twins Day Festival! The festival had a kick off party on Friday where everyone met up for the first time or just to catch up from years before. The weekends events were personal or in group settings and covered great things for all ages. The girls enjoyed the amusement park area, and play ground the most. There were activities for children, talent shows, parades to walk in, great food to eat, photos, photos and more photos and research to help. The research being done for twins at the festival is amazing… It truly helps everyone understand how being a twin is such a blessing in a world full of unanswered questions. The girls met plenty of new friends and by day 3 were telling people “yeah, sure” when asked if they can take their picture. We were fully Twindolliciois in tow with books being signed and princess dress to adorn the little beauties for the fitting theme of this years festival; which was “Twice upon a Time”. 20130810-014056.jpg20130810-014122.jpg


Traveling Twindollicious

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We are in the midst of our Book Tour and wanted to share a few fun stories and finds while on our road trip. Our Tour vehicle is filled with boxes of Any Two Can Be Twindollicious , DVD’s, Twindollicious dresses, snacks, snacks and tons of garbage bags and handy wipes to keep the vehicle smelling as if humans are riding it; my husband, myself and my 2 munchkins; who are the best travel partners ever. Our first leg started in Easton, PA; where we met tons of new friends and read stories to a great group of children and their families. We couldn’t go on without stopping in Walmart….the 24 hour shopping mecca for everything. Next Stop Twinsburg, OH!!