Historical Day Lead By Children

The best days are usually lead by children. THis post was completely lead by Vita and Kennedy. The day started with them removing every piece of clothing from their closet. I am assuming this was done on purpose, because next came the screams “Mommy”!!! As I approached the room
, my initial reaction in my head (lol) was another mess. Instead the words from the girls were; “we want to go camping”. I had to laugh because their camping gear included all dresses with taffeta, hangers, designer pieces and a shoulder bag. My response to that was… “If only you knew what camping did require”. Instead of camping we visited a historical park in our own back yard. We traded in the designer shoes for new balance sneakers and packed a little baggy snack. The fort in Staten Island, NY. The girls lead the tour and taught us a few things about history. To get your own actual tour (with FACTS) there is a number to call “fort Wadsworth”.
As book 2 of the Twindollicious sisters begins I would love to hear what readers are truly interested in viewing and reading about. Thanks :):)




Fall, Fashion and Photos

With fashion week coming to an end in NYC, marks the beginning of trade shows by ENK Children’s Club for new and returning designers of children’s clothing. Boutiques everywhere, huge department stores, buyers and more will fill NYC’s Javitz Center October 4-8.
It seems to be that stripes will continue to mark the lines of fashion. Galaxy prints, pastels and urban designs mixed with tutus will be covering lots of little girls. For Twindollicious sisters V & K; they are now trending Fall seasonals of denim, stripes, sweaters wrapped around the neck for the chilly 6pm breeze, moccs , and turban hair bands designed by Twindollicious! We’re excited to meet up with our new friends at the show. We’re even more excited to share our new trends, designs and books.





Kids Fashion Week and Back To School Bash

Fashion week always presents excitement for us ever since the girls became apart of a little thing called Kids Fashion Week. This is our second year of taking part of the NYFW for kids shows and show cases. Over the weekend The girls actually walked the runway, unlike last years events of fit modeling and photo session. This years Back To School Bash at the Barcaly Center in Brooklyn NY included a wonderful runway to showcase fun new fall designs by children’s clothing designers who have collaborated with Stork Children’s Boutique. I have included some fun photos of the girls as they await their turn to walk the run way, heading towards the runway and smiling after effects with NY’s great DJ Envy, whom made them dance the day away!! And when it was all said and done two little voices asked “stage again” and I said to myself uh oh. Wishing everyone a successful year at school!





Labor of Love

It has been a perfect start to this labor day weekend. Twindollicious ‘s labor of love was featured on Tory Johnson’s Secret Sales on NY’s channel 7 WABC. The feature showcased the “Best Friend Set” ,by Twindollicious; which includes a copy of the book, hair bow, a striped tulip style tutu dress and 1 other dress for a best friend… Using code channel 7 cuts the price of this set in 1/2. This feature has allowed for everyone to express their ideas about Twindollicious and what it stands for. The overwhelming response of love has been great! Everyone loves their Best Friend and by sharing a story and sending a gift, just adds icing on the cake!



Book readings and meeting so many new friends has been fun, fun, fun! I love how the girls interact with other children during the readings! It truly is the most exciting part! My wish for them is to enjoy everyday of their lives, being healthy, happy and successful in doing what makes them happy :):).