Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Halloween eve has turned into pumpkin picking, pumpkin painting, smoke machines, filling candy bowls, carving utensils, and Halloween story books. It has always been an exciting time of year. Something about dressing up as your favorite characters and being someone different in a disguise is quite nice. It’s also very child like which is probably why I enjoy it so. This year the girls were so excited to paint their pumpkins, then work with their grandma on cutting and carving once the paint was dry. (painting can be found on our youtube video…as we’re practicing identifying colors… http://www.youtube.com/ search natashadanna). We also made a few decorations of our own. An hollow pumpkin made of a piece of a fake Xmas tree branch for the stem, pipe cleaners and ruffled plastic party lays in orange. To top it off the girls have chosen for me to be a GOOD witch. They will be dressed as lady bugs with tutus of course and wings. Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Halloween from Twindollicious V & K. :):)





Book Reading Event at the Book Mark Shoppe

Weekends are so fulfilling, especially when they’re filled with activities for the kiddies. It has been proven that spending time and enjoying any child, while watching them enjoy an activity, event or anything new keeps adults feeling young… I’ll take it! As a matter of fact this weekend was filled with kiddies, events and tons of nostalgic moments. We had a Twindollicious book reading event at The Book Mark Shoppe in Bayridge #Brooklyn. Walking into any book store is exciting for me, but even more exciting when you’re propped in the kids section reading “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” to boys and girls. Looking at their captivated faces, hearing them share and ask questions is confirmation that they were able to relate to the story. When reading was done they weren’t just eager to eat cupcakes and cookies they were eager to share their best friend stories. Book events are wonderful, because the girls get to meet new friends, visit kid friendly neighborhoods (Bayridge,Brooklyn/NY) and take photos (their favorite). Our next book reading event will be in Waldorf, MD; can’t wait to meet, greet and read our story! We love making new friends and if you feel the same come meet us at our next #Event. http://www.twindollicious.com (EVENTS)





Whats in a name

I’ve had many people ask why Twindollicious?! I will clarify that question by explaining that as I began this blog, created a title for the first children’s book revolving around characters Violet and Kelly (aka Vita and Kennedy) and continued by designing dresses and tshirts; I was asked where did I come up with the name Twindollicious. Well, like anything new things must grow on you, but when being questioned before its had a chance to grow there’s a moment when you say ok maybe this shouldn’t stick around. The name is a 3D word that is meaningful now and will always be. You see the girls great grandmother has always referred to them as dolls. This will always be a part of Vita and Kennedy’s life, and Twins title is simply because they’re twins. The licious part is because I, as their mom see them as being delicious, dollicious babies forever.
As we begin book 2 of the series, I was again had to ask myself of Twindollcious should remain in the title. I chose to keep it, as it has fully grown and I am most satisfied that I never changed my mind on it. We have launched a kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/search?utf8=✓&term=Twindollicious+

We would love for all of our readers to become a part of spreading the word on this campaign by posting Twindollicious where ever you see fit!! We are 9 days in and the girls are super excited to share book 2, it’s lesson, new characters, and Title with you! Check out their personal You tube cheer!




Favorite Fall Fashion

It seems that around this time every year the realization that my twin girls are getting big sinks in. Their language development has grown tremendously to the point that we have full conversations… I mean intelligent conversations to the point that they may soon handle business call; and they’re 2. I’m pretty sure most parents are shocked by their child’s capabilities to do the simplest or smartest things but I’m mostly impressed when they approach me without warning and say mom you’re awesome. Kennedy usually starts with those compliments and Vita follows with a hug or kiss.. I mean really. Will this soon work to get them the extras or a definite yes to something I would automatically say no to… We’ll see.
The physical growth spurt happily occurs Right after kids fashion week. This is when we begin our hunt for our favorite fall pieces. The girls are enjoying their favorite hooded cardigan in nude, a bit of pink (leggings found at http://www.twindollicious.com) and of course a classic black and white. Our favorite occasion dress for that fall fashionable party is a personal design (http://.www.twindollicious.com).
Occasion tutu dress calls for lots of dancing and singing with these animated two ( http://www. YouTube.com/twindollicious ) and it is the best thing to watch (even in their robes). We will continue to update wardrobe picks because the girls enjoyed putting these pieces together especially when it included their favorite sweater.






Moms Choice!!

I am so excited to share that “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” has received a moms choice golden seal award for children’s book with values and life lessons. This story and every story that follows will express lessons to children. I would love for everyone to share the stories of Twindollicious sisters as my mission to embrace motherhood, education, fun, nurturing and growth continues. Doing the Celebration dance!