Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving! Feeling thankful for so many things that I’ve decided to list today.
1. My husband great grandmothers handwritten mini cook book – incl. delicious rice balls and lots of faves… (Yes it has been used a lot)
2. My children: they are so patient, understandable children. Or us it that I understand them? πŸ™‚
3. My family in whole that come together on this wonderful day to celebrate a universal holiday!
4. Thankful that everyday is a new day filled with excitement to keep going and try something new :). Love the quote: life’s like riding a bicycle you have to keep peddling in order to stay up and keep your balance.
5. I will combine this thanks because it got me through prepping the feast last night, for today
~Charlie Brown Movies
~Turkey art projects

Happy Channukah!
Uh oh that makes Christmas and Birthdays even closer





Day 3 Of Sharing Things We’re Thankful for

Every year my husband and I host Thanksgiving dinner at our home for the family. Both sides of our immediate family get together, pray, laugh, eat and relax. It is something I have come accustomed to and enjoy after many years. Secret: the first year I wanted to rip my head off! But I now enjoy it, I really, really do; besides imagine hosting all of the holidays?? Id rather take my one day, host the turkey out of it and give thanks that I will not be doing, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial…… Joking. I will be sharing more Thanks for family, traditions and hosting on Thanskgiving! :):) Today I am excited to share that I will be #shopping either online or in person at #Target and #Toy r Us, and live hosting our very own first Black Friday Sale at http://www.twindollicious.com. I never think about shopping on #BlackFriday, but could not pass up some goodies for myself, my husband and the girls (big doc mcstuffin fans). Our sale will include our “best friend set” along with the Spring ’14 striped tutu dresses at 40% off using code Tutu. We hope you find a sale to be thankful for!



Counting up our Thankful days

So sleep was not a priority last night, but I’m working on it. I spent the night and day packaging for zulily. In the midst night I felt thankful that the company loved our brand so much, they decided to run another event. I’m most appreciative for the many buyers mommas and poppas that enjoy dressing their princesses in our tutu style dresses. Jokingly I’m grateful for Coffee; which has helped me through this day in continuing to be a happy mom capturing those precious moments. Moments that come together when creating our stories :):)




Moments of feeling Thankful

It feels like I have not visited the blog in months, but I guess thats what time does to you when you’re taking up more than 24 hours in the day. Which happens quite often here at the Twindollicious headquarters. This week we will try to appreciate the 24 hours in the day by resting more and counting our blessings on the fantastic 10 days prior. We will do this by posting things we are Thankful For one day at a time until “Thanksgiving” Thursday! I experienced an empowering moment while attending the star showers event last week; hosted by The Moms to honor Daphney Oz. The White Ribbon Alliance founders were there to enlighten us on birth and pregnancy in other countries. Most countries do not have medical facilities to ensure a healthy, clean birth. Most of the time women are not healthy enough to make it through birth or a termed pregnancy. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to donate, hear other birthing stories and remember my personal 24 weeks of bed rest pregnancy. Feeling thankful takes moments like these and seconds of reflection. Todays thanks go to my two girls who have organically made me a stronger person to fulfill a dream I’ve always had as a child. It must be true when said that having children brings out the inner child in yourself.




Talking Do’s and Dont’s

We usually don’t post these things on the blog, but after visiting a friend Who’s a director of a very popular talk show we began to speak about letting go and giving up. It’s a hard thing to understand. What is the difference between letting go and giving up. In a relationship letting go should be the phrase used. She will be pitching this subject to production and need anyone who has been faced with this question. Should you let go of a relationship or reconnect? If interested in being on a very popular New York TV show give her a call (212)975-0431. They are super fun and friendly and you will be excited to find out who is the host of the show!

Twindollicious lady bugs for Halloween


It was so much fun to add extra pieces and designs to this lady bug costume that I am anticipating next year. Apparently I am not the only one anticipating next years Halloween costume in our home, because the girls have already requested to be good witches with brooms. Since now is the time to begin searching for left over Halloween goodies I have gone ahead and snagged a few good pieces; of course at great discounts. There is never a perfect time to shop when you’re getting a great deal.

Year 1 – cupcakes
Year 2 – cheerleaders
Year 3 – ladybugs