Holiday Traditions

As the third year of having a family sets in, we’ve realized that these little personalities are rubbing off in us… Or the other way around. The last on the list of our favorite things for the holidays is family traditions. We have continued to bring a pine smelling tree into our home, despite the thorny needles that have spread further throughout the house. We have created a gingerbread house making fun into a competition (thanks to mom and dad) and continue to make holiday reminder pancakes in the morning.
This year we visited a tree farm in NJ. After hours of reading about the spiders that may come home with you, we still brought it home. It was a huge family effort to cut down that tree with the four of us practically under it and grandma standing by to record. There was a little blood, lots of laughs and a huge Grizwald tree atop my mini car.
For our gingerbread house making we purchased two, with the thoughts that the girls would enjoy their own end results of a project. However our #trader joe gingerbread house packages turned into build a brick home for a family competition :). Our last tradition which I completely love is making holiday pancakes. I’ve only mastered making Rudolph, but also add frosty and Santa on other days.
~ Rudolph pancakes: include 1 big round pancake, 1 smaller pancake on top, 2 little tiny pancakes on each side, turkey bacon for antlers, blueberry eyes on top of a spot of butter and raspberry nose.
Happy Holidays :):) !!






Pretty in pink Christmas

With 5 days left until Christmas we are sharing our girliest of all favorite things with exclusivechild boutique. Pretty in pink and full of tutus can brighten any little girls day. We’re actually unsure if it only holds true for little girls, because big girls enjoy enough frill to spin in as well. Twindollicious tutus has joined our friends in giving away a pink flamenco tutu. Enter to win by commenting with one of your favorite things. Happy Holidays!!



DIY Photography: Are a few of our favorite things

Taking photos of our children is always fun to do, especially when there a professional touch to it. As we all wish that we had that photographers eye, perfect camera and scenery it isn’t always the case . As we’re counting the days til Christmas, we have added a photo tip from our great photographer friends. The magic DIY to a perfect photo whether using your wonderful iPhone or digital camera is lighting. Lighting, Lighting an more Lighting! Lighting can come from a white piece of paper for a clean slate background to a white wall. Additional lighting can be added by reflecting a light onto the back board of the object or person. We have added a few photos with extra cute lighting along with a natural editing classics black and white image to show what a simple DIY trick can do. Twindollicious has teamed up with Cate Scaglione photography on Facebook to celebrate the holiday with a wonderful giveaway. Please like her page and follow the steps to enter. Maybe you could be the lucky winner of what’s inside of this beautiful package.



These are a few of our favorite things

On the second day of Christmas we sharing a few of our favorite things to do and wear on cold snow days.  We found ourselves in Winter Wonderland.  This winter wonderland in Willowbrook Park, was filled with snow and ice covered branches, train rides around the park, a beautiful carousel, music and hot chocolate.  To keep the girls warm from all of the cold were layers upon layers of comfy clothes….. and somewhere underneath it all was their new favorite Twindollicious t shirt (which they have yet to decorate). better t shirt
 V & K enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, a train ride, carousel ride, a wink and wave to Santa. Now holiday fun like this is a BIG one of our favorite things. 

We are continuing our giveaways for day 2 with youth size Medium and Large Twindollicious t shirt for decorating fun: If you would like to join in please Like Twindollicious on facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram( ).. tag as many friends as you’d like and have them follow those steps. Winners will be announced 12/25/13 and continued taggers can win all listed giveaways.  

2 turtle doves


12 Days of Christmas with Giveaways and Celebrations

We’re counting down once again, but this time with giveaways to celebrate our first Christmas Holiday with Twindollicious. Our theme for the 12 days of Christmas count down is some of our favorite things. “These are a few of our favorite things” originally a non Christmas song, has become one of my favorite after Rod Stewart sang it; and with that, his voice will be going through head everytime I happily post another one of our favorite things. The count down will include our favorite boutiques, photographers, family, friends, books, trendy styles, dresses, accessories and more. Goodies and Giveaways from shops like Exclusive Child Boutique.. who we have recently collaborated with in adding our favorite pieces from the Twindollicious Collection
(Apparel for fashionable kids – a chic boutique for girls and boys, Starbucks gift cards, photographer secrets (DIY’s) from Cate Scaglione photography and others and more.
Day 1 of the count down is a goodie, because we’re starting with all things that sparkle!
Not only are we at the Twindollicious headquarters crazy about all things that sparkle but our Iphone cases matter when your rummaging through your messy momma diaper bag ( ok off subject, but…)These 2 cases made by Case Mate manufacturer, Glimmer for Iphone 5c and Glam for iphone 5/5s will be given away Twin style if all of these steps are followed.

96 glimmer case



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3. Follow @twindollicious
You must get your friends involved to help you, because this is what being Twindollicious is about. Have as many friends as you can follow your steps to win and share your winnings with them, when chosen on Christmas Day 12/25/2013.

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