One more day for plum district sale

Twindollicious has partnered with Plum district in sharing our best fried set with their customers. We love collaborating with great companies! Our best friend set includes two dresses (one for a friend and one for you) hair bows and a special story of sisters who are best friends (Any two can be twindollicious). When joining plum district a special coupon code is given to purchase our collection at an awesome price! Share a story and dress up day with your best friend through Plum district and Twindollicious :):)!



NYC Snow storm survival with twindollicious

It is now day 2 of blistering cold and a full 24 hours of mommy away from work and entertaining twin toddlers. We have made every corner of our house into an entertainment center.

The living room was a stage/dancing and singing studio: we pulled out the karaoke machine, double microphones, princess dresses and began to dance and sing.

The kitchen was a chefs station: we baked a delicious vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles (that mommy basically ate) and 2 special cupcakes. We also reused our wonderful baby bullet… Now almost 3 years old to make smoothies. The girls enjoyed piling in the strawberries, blueberries, apples, and vanilla yogurt.

The bedroom became a playroom. Between dress up and story time we could tell the difference in rooms. We always read our favorite book, but add a teaching activity book in. The girls are learning how to name 3 things that begin with each letter of the alphabet for letter and sound recognition.

The art studio (so Kennedy calls it) was an experience. We enjoyed painting canvas art on the easels. The girls could not see each others work and completed 2 different styles of work. Vittoria applies colors with the brush and completed with her hands. Kennedy painting was more abstract with colorful straight lines. It was a twin observing moment. Up until the moment I began to clean and noticed that someone had scissors in her hand and had began to cut her hair.. Which turned the “art studio” into a hair salon.

All of the above activities were fun at home things to do except for the pretend salon. However we’re creating memories and sharing stories in our Twindollicious children’s books. (Noting the opposite style of painting as a twin fact after trials)






2014 will be exciting

Happy New Year to all! We’ve celebrated Kennedy and Vittoria turning 3 years old yesterday and said goodbye to another year. 2013 was a big year. We’ve all grown in different ways and learned a lot. As a lifetime student, as I consider myself to be, learning is exciting. It gives us the opportunity to try something new, while opening new doors. Thank You all for a wonderful year as I foresee 2014 being Twindollicious-ly exciting!