Make shift jungle gym in NYC cold

With today’s temperature at a whooping 12 degrees… These 2 baby lion Cuba have turned the guest room into their den. The monkey bars are too cold for climbing and the snow can hardly melt before it returns again. Some may say this is a big no no but we’re safely having fun and using every corner of the house to avoid cabin fever. Let’s go Spring!


Twindollicious Brand Casting features on VH1 (Mob Wives)

Our first casting call for the Twindollicious brand was filmed by VH1! Quite an experience I might say.  Casting children for a brand can be a lot of things; includig fun, nerve wrecking and rewarding, then to have a camera crew from the popular Reality Series Mob Wives arrive with cameras and microphones, well that’s just a bunch of things all wrapped up in one. It was a great casting! The crew from VH1 Mob Wives were Awesome! All of the models were excited to get their hands on the book and in front of  our fun camera set. The dream team that put this all together begins with the Agent used : Lorrie Tierney from TV Guide Networks show “Mother of all talent”.  All of her talented models attended with their wonderful parents, ready and as animated as ever.  And animation is what Twindollicious is all about! Cate Scaglione International award winning child and family photographer, of and I have a chemistry and enough animation to make a turtle run; so we’ve been told 🙂  Cate’s photography Halo light or magic ring as we called it that day added more of a whimsical feel to the shots… oh, Let’s not forget the magical purple wall.  The shots were captivated by her to show happiness when reading “Any Two can Be Twindollcious”.  Drita Davanzo’s daughter Gizelle DAvanzo entered the room a bit shy, but was happily interested to read the book, and share stories about her best friend. After the 8 minutes of comfort in front of the camera, she began to glow through Cate’s lense.  I always love to add relatable conversation or laughter when around children.  It works everytime! Surrounding myself around childrens books, stories and these ever loving fun kiddies is my lifes work. Our first casting was a success and all characters/models are in full animation. As the Spring/Summer looks come together in preparation for book 2, our models and look book will be released.   

***You can catch this live casting on VH1’s network Reality Television show Mob Wives Season Finale Episode 12**** Airing NowImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Valentines Day Crafts and Parties

This Valentines Day we will be crafting and hosting for our friends. We have decided to dedicate this Valentines day to our children whom Cupid has blessed us with… And we’re spicing it up a bit to include their friends. Vita and Kennedy are so excited to have their friends over for Valentines day! It is noticeable that at age 3 things matter SI much more to them.
On our entertainment list there is: baking heart shaped cookies, crafting heart shaped garland, designing our twindollicious tshirts with heart felt, rhinestones and glue, creating heart shaped cards, while wearing our heart to heart shapes leggings. We are truly in for a love fest of fun!

Craft Info:
Twindollicious character t shirts are pre made while felt, rhinestone and fabric glue with a touch of washable markers will add a bit of style and color to the DIY shirt.
Cards: we’re using red and white striped paper and tissue paper for lining an envelope, red card stock paper and stencil letter to create love notes.
Heart Garland: Felt with card stock paper on top, glitter, glue, string and a whole puncher come together to create a beautiful window, door or home garland.
Heart to Heart leggings are made with love from our Twindollicious Collection.