Easter Egg Crafts

This rainy Saturday has us in the crafty mood. Besides the fact that we are filling book orders until April 13th with some special filled egg surprises for Twindollicious friends.
We have taken a package of large sized pastel plastic eggs
Flat bottom rhinestones
Sticker glittered hearts
A glue gun
Non toxic fabric glue (for the little helpers)
And A Special Surprise Filler
Add the hearts and filler to your egg, close with snap and begin adding glue to the rhinestone one at a time.

We hope you try this at home for your littles basket or to gift to a friend.
If Any two can be Twindollicious is ordered before April 13th we will add it to your basket from us :):) Sshhh including a special best friend surprise.



Thought to text through art

Tuesday’s seem like the fitting day to add some pointers for my author friends who have began to reach out for publishing tips. Not only does thought to text Tuesdays sound great but studies show that Tuesdays are the happiest days for most. Today I am sharing the second course of action. Creating thumbnails: this is something you can do before or after finding an illustrator that you love. (That is of you need to find one). I was happily surprised to hear how many people are great writers and artists. If you are a dual talented person starting out thumbnails may have organically began to take place. Thumbnails help with page layout, your book design and story sequence. The best part of creating thumbnails when working with illustrators, is that they can determine what art style to use based on your image sketches. The artist illustrator will love you for this! I have added an image of a new title thats being worked on. With this image the character is built and the style of the story is understood. Pointer thumbnails are a great source of communicating the style of your story to an illustrator.


NYFW for kids has taken over!

As promised we have a Twindollicious report on the Petite parade fashion show with added important information we would like to share.
This seasons event included fall/winter collections but the weather called for Spring.
When choosing a style the girls made the choice to wear their twindollicious *chevron with crochet trim skirts, cardigan and sparkly ballet flats. The short walk to the venue was amazing considering the loss of outerwear. Once we were seated and lights were out Vittoria took over the canon and began taking photos. I might add that I am happy we were not seated in the front row this year…Kennedy would not have been able to help herself from walking the runway; as she continued to do the Miss America wave from her seat.
Tristan and Tyler; twins from TristanandTyler show.com were great hosts! All models were gorgeous and professional. Their styles were a perfect match for each collection. Our favorite for the show were #imogacollection and #aliviasimone . PlaytimeNY and ENK children’s club at NYC Javits Center visits completed a full fashion week with a pit stop to the park! ~ V & K





Kids Fashion Week in NY is here again!

It’s the 4th year of Petite Parade’s fashion show. The fashion week for children begins with this globally loved show that has taken off in the past 4 years. Vita and Kennedy will be a lot more aware of the happenings and fashionable pieces. They have even taken a hand at picking through a few styles; which we will share. Kids NYFW also includes ENK children’s club; where designers such as Twindollicious and others will be showcasing their lines to buyers. We will be posting lots of great images from of kids fashion week adventures, including interactions with friends, fashionable pieces, some of our favorite new things and crafts. In the mean time get ready to follow our NYFW while we’re creating stories via http://www.instagram.com/ @twindollicious.com



Thoughts to text Tuesdays

After completing my first children’s book the editor and illustrator that I worked with suggested that I write an ebook or informational guide on how to effectively write, and collaborate with other artists. Shortly after that suggestion I began to receive requests, emails and phone calls with great questions on how to begin writing a children’s book, collaborating and marketing their idea. I could not answer all questions at that time, but consciously wrote the questions down and answered them according to what was effective for me as I went along; the things that have worked. Having a background in Psychology, education and behavioral therapy makes teaching and helping others an enjoyable job. We all know that the beginning of anything includes tons of confusion and questions. If I can assist with a collaboration, clear a thought for your direction or lend a hand at connecting I will. All comments will be answered or by visiting http://www.twindollicious.com/ and shooting an email I will gladly answer any questions. As I begin to share these tips I will say that my personal journey began with my vision:Twin Girls. Of course there is an exuberant amount of passion behind these stories and brand. However I too had to bring my observations and ideas to text in order to jump start that writing! My initial task to anyone in the beginning stages of writing a book is to discipline yourself. Many of us have a super busy schedule and cannot find time, but if you follow this task by dedicating a day it will work… Begin with
Taking your thoughts and putting it to text on Tuesdays!