Happy children happy life!

Everyday we are given is another day to create a happy life that we love and enjoy. Our children are gifts that we have received to continue creating a world full of gracious, happy people that want to live a meaningful life. There are times when being a mom to two little girls find me on a path to multi tasking, running a business and home as my daily goal. But I love those moments when we are enjoying the milliseconds of our time, growing, learning, building a life that we all deserve together. And we enjoyed a little impromptu photo shoot of fun at the TwinDollicious headquarters today. 20140729-111303-40383431.jpg



Signs of growth through traditions

There are experiences, messages and moments that seem to hit home at the right time. Our recent traditional visit to Martha’s Vineyard captured memories as well as created new traditions. You see, before having the girls my love for American history and family lead me to love the Vineyard. We vowed to continue the tradition to visit yearly and we have.
This was the first year that our trip lead us to the InkWell. It may have been the presence of our blended family or our happy TwinDollicious girls that sparked conversation with full time residence, but what ever the signs were we were open to explore. I must say that There is a sacred message to be told when you’re able to connect with generations before your time. However this trip did find me at a time when I am faced to make serious professional decisions and meeting great artists such as SpikeLee, Tony Shalhoub and creative chefs of The Mast Brothers Chocolates kind of put things into perspective as a creator and founder of ourTwinDollicious brand. Here’s to a straight path of traditions , Twindollicious creativity and some fun pics






Hello young Artists and Authors

Summer officially begins in July; as the feeling of schools years end sets in. We’ve been working on some fun interactive things to send to our friends that purchase and visit the TwinDollicious website TwinDollicious We’re very excited to share these printable pages with young artists and authors. This is a fun way to share your summer stories or journal, include illustrations with others; and possibly share with your friends at school when returning in September. The printable pages are free to download here, stickers and actual pages are in mailed packages. Use your imagination, lots of color and remember to sign your name. You can even share it with us on Facebook and Instagram ….link to @twindollicious! We would love to see and read them :):)