Here’s to 90 years of humbled tutu tea parties

We believe in a fun fancy fashionable life filled with friends and family! Tutu tea parties and Aunt Tessies 90th birthday = a perfectly TwinDollicious day. V & K were able to dress up with friends in their tutu dresses and within the same day gift their 90 year old Tessie a sequin fashionable hat, her favorite Jean Nate perfume and talk about her 60 year employment with Macys. (she remembers it all) “humble beginnings shall mold humble grounded successful endings” IMG_0797.JPG




Who Inspires you

For so long I have lived a life filled with hidden goals that I would never tackle; yet follow a daily routine of accomplishing things, while being unaware that they were also on my goal lists. Well recently I revisited my inspiration board because of my TwinDolls whom asked me to be a Fancy Mommy… What ever that means. But, this request did inspire me to create these awesome t shirts I may just wear daily in a fancy way.
**Each day is one to inspire, teach and create a life full of love for the children in our lives~ they are the future, so inspire them as they inspire you**