Our favorite things Gift guide

The season of gifting is here and we are collectively happy to share a few of our favorite things! I say collectively because it is with great pleasure that I do not have to guess what Vittoria and Kennedy will and will not love to receive from SANTA. Over the years I have made the lists and checked them twice, and marked myself as naughty (obviously) because I would never sneak a treat for me… But this year, with the help of TwinDollicious sisters V & K they have included a favorite for the mama bears! The great brand of Lovedbyhannahandeli ( http://www.lovedbyhannahandeli.com) is family approved with fun logo t’s worn by celebs of all ages and during small business Saturday you can gain a goodie or two at 20% OFF with discount code = SBS.
The girls were also extremely excited to include the beautiful nursing necklaces by http://www. littlelemontreasures.etsy.com. As the story of not having nursing necklaces while double nursing was told to the girls, they immediately agreed that all moms should have them as a perfect gift or stocking stuffer; which will eventually be passed down to your non nursing toddler one day πŸ™‚ to adorn a nursing mom with this is a blessing and from 11/28-12/11 this shop has made discount code holiday30 available for you to enjoy 30% OFF!
Topping the charts this year are accessories and moccs!
http://www.avaanapaislee.etsy.com/ is offering free shipping on their adorable fringed design moccasins, Black Friday Only when using code (blackfridayfreeship).
http://www.theplumpickle.etsy.com charmed bracelets includes a collection of holiday charms, perfectly placed in time for gifting. And why wouldn’t you want to snag some for your growing dollies?!! They are also offering code Freeship from 11/26 through 11/30 (CyberMonday).
V & K’s recent fashionable must have are knotted headbands and slouchy beanies to allow their hair to be as natural yet tamed, so we were ecstatic when cold man winter lingered in and http://www.babybeansandme.com/ was there to the rescue. She has created a line of styles for boys and girls that can be worn all year long. Gifting now would just add to her super power to create more incredible pieces. Especially when she’s offering $5 OFF when you spend $30 or more & free shipping for orders over $100…just use code over100freeship.
But it wouldn’t be a season of believing without your little babe all suited with a fun holiday outfit or perfect t shirt like http://www.flintandfire.storeenvy.com/ “Rudolph is my homeboy” which we would preferably pair with any holiday tutu found in our TwinDollicious collection!
And, as Thanksgiving approaches we would like to say thanks by giving all items on our site a Slashed price and 50 % OFF discount code of BOGO to be used at checkout http://www.twindollicious.com/shop









Women’s Entrepeneur Day

Let’s celebrate that there is now a women’s entrepreneur day! There is something exciting about celebrating a women’s milestone in this generation; especially a working mom. Women usually juggle many “hats for sale” when they decide to become a mom, now add working and owning your own business; it is like adopting an additional child that you must LOVE with less to no reciprocation at times. I recently got the opportunity to write an article for a family magazine on the subject of working moms. This subject made me jump for joy, especially with the new National celebration of Women Entrepreneurs. I took to social media; where most of our entrepreneur / mompreneur friends are and asked for them to share their experience as a working mom. The response was intense, yet it brought a smile on my face to know that we are not doing this thing alone :):). We’re supporting each other and building futures for the next generation!

Loved this illustration that is near and dear to our Team TwinDollicious Lives!
Stay plugged as we’re working on a fun holiday story that should be added to every child’s library. Let’s stay connected and comment below with your women entrepreneur or mompreneur experience


Tricks, treats and Halloween

Halloween, A holiday celebrated by all! V & K enjoyed their first school Halloween celebration. All classes participated in the school’s Halloween Parade fully costumed with creativity. In costumes from 7 am – 8:30pm was a success but not so easy fitting into car seats, closing jackets with double the petti skirt tutus, but we’re believing that beauty is pain. The girls loved every minute of it and I needed a nap by 5pm.

They were Mia Fairies with zapper handmade bracelets and hair accessories. Amongst a slew of other amazing costumes. The girls admired the brother /sister Dunkin Donuts costumes which raised big ideas for next years’ costume.
Trick O’ treating and Halloween candy oh my! We joined a kiddie bunch and trooped around the neighborhood shouting trick o treat. But the most exciting part was answering the door for trick o treat-ers, handing out candy, and looking at others costumes. They even emptied their baskets into the bigger baskets for the other children. Happy Halloween Fun! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ
V & K xoIMG_2385.JPG