Author Visits in school

Some of the best moments in life are created in school. We meet great friends, experience our days as individuals finding our comforts, style and handling daily situations independently. This is why in school Author visit events are the most meaningful to me. When standing in front of 84 prek and kindergarten children it clearly feels like you’re given 45 minutes of their time to make the best impression of how important they are to you // as you are to them. The main focus while sharing stories from the TwinDollicious series is on embracing individuality, confidence and the meaningful important of great relationships with friends and siblings. After every visit; my wishes are that the impact has been made, because they are the future.






V & K video share!

Our first video share, done by productions of sofamilyonline. Here’s a sneak peek with a bit of non choreographed dancing. The girls had so much fun; and we’d love for everyone to see the full feature and amazing DIY craft they completed πŸ™‚ by subscribing to the Sofamilyonline // weeklyfavoriteswithmonicaj channel you can also enter to win a giveaway of the Rosette twirl dress (the girls are wearing).


About Two Girls

As we say hello to 2015 we begin to reflect on our goals, what we have done to achieve them and what we plan to do to continue accomplishing them. When this editorial about TwinDollicious and our personal story was featured in CupCake Magazine I couldn’t appreciate it more. It clearly stamps our journey and fuels fire to cross off those future goals as we continue to achieve them.

As the girls are now 4 years old and realize what we have been doing all this time. I now hear them say “we are TwinDollicious sisters” ~ and my heart melts, on how much they love each other so.

Rosette Dress