We’re moving up to kindergarten 

Happy Tuesday TwinDollicious readers! It’s been a bitter sweet week full of milestones and great loss. We’ve had to deal with the unfortunate task of saying goodbye to someone so close to us. She was a teacher, mentor, a friend and a God sent angel to have joined our family for 11 years. We say goodbye thankful yet sadly; today, but her memory will live on happily. And one day the girls will ask about her missing place and I will have to figure out the best way to explain. 

I’ve come to believe that the timing of loss or sadness happens when good and new beginnings are set to occur. 

  • Celebrating recitals, new beginnings and Pre K graduations mark important moments which excited the girls to spend time with friends, serve their purpose and make memories.  During this time, I’ve noticed how much V & K have grown. How their personalities continue to grow and how they still have the same sense of style! 
  • Rock star style and Ruffle dresses 


Our milestone moments have shown love and appreciation for teachers.  T would make for bonded relationships and teamwork if parents and teachers are able to connect and nurture the years of your child’s lives in school. We could not had been more happy with the first year of education and musicianship for the girls and are looking forward to longer lasting fruitful relationships for them. 

The children are our future and there’s only one shot – as for us times 2! 

Teacher appreciation: 



Doll Face Feature 

It’s only fitting that today’s Doll Face feature would be “Caitlyn Jenner” – not just because it’s trending but honestly who can plan their life of heroism the way this person has.  An all around super hero for all communities. From Olympics to future advocate. 

On to our Doll Face fashionista: “Londyn” our friend via social media http://www.instagram.com/TwinDollicious and also a wonderful customer. She’s a wee bit toddler with a sissy on the way and a mama whom takes incredible shots of her styling techniques. We especially love this photo of Londyn in our Glitter Gold Band tutu skirt , http://www.twindollicious.com/shop  Cozette couture headband and bitsyblossom shoes .