Have you ever wondered how bloggers influence the community and Brands

Did you ever ask yourself how in the world do writers actually make money when their not traveling the world and making appearances for sold out best sellers?

Ugh, well there’s a community of people who network together and who have found their place in the writing world, that make a living…… and many make a great living.

When I first began writing it was a passion project that I’d finally gained time to tackle. I began to learn more as I began to work on it as a business. I learned about the ways to make money in publishing books as well as in creating meaningful content that may help others daily, weekly even monthly. The key to it all is connecting with the correct network of people and brands that represent things that you’re interested in writing about. Brands appreciate your input. If you’re a creative person taking on a quality lifestyle you may be a great fit for a brand. There are so many influential creatives in this world that have tons to offer. The future is children and the happy parents that raise them. This may come as a surprise, but the creative community being paid by brands are usually parents and MOMS in particular.

Nancy Behrman is a brand connector on top in this community! When introducing yourself and your work to someone like Nancy Behrman you’re opening doors of opportunity to making a living doing work that you will love! Top brands trust the voices of the community that Nancy Behrman can connect with.

If writing, blogging and sharing something great that world needs to hear about this article is for you! This connection is for you!

The steps I took to begin included my love for my children and the things that they were teaching me as a parent. This always brought me joy! FIRST PLUS!

Second step was to share things that I thought others could learn from. for me it was the life of a mom of twin girls with big personalities and the love of dressing up.

Last it was taking the steps to meet other people in the writing community who have similar things in common. Families and brands receive happiness in real lifestyle adventures. Everyone wants to know how to have a great day, how to live a healthy life what are the secrets? Sometimes there aren’t any secrets it’s just starting with a few tools that fit your life and the rest will build itself.

Here, Bash and I are in a room filled with moms, mompreneurs, WAHM, SAHM, SAHD and WAHD all enjoying and networking while keeping our little community happy.

Now is the time to plan for their future

There will be a time in the very near future when we will be sending our children off to college. For our family and others with multiples this will take a double effect on your savings.  There are many ways to began educating ourselves with knowledge on what the best approach will be. I recently attended a college prep savings seminar which lead me to share this article on our planned option 1. financial plan  Yes, the twins are only 6 years old by time sure does fly, especially when you’re not prepared.

Capital Alliance  is offering one of the best opportunities possible to students who are starting off and need a bot of financial boost.   All financial companies have opportunities for business, but not all offer specialties like this for students as well.  I plan to stay in connection with Capital Alliance for this may be a beginning of opportunities with more to come as our time for college becomes a reality.