A one yr old with the passion for fashion

Can it be that my one and a half year old(Kennedy) has a passion for fashion already? I was looking through their closet this morning and i asked for her input because she was standing there. She actually chose a really cute outfit. Ralph Lauren tunic top and gap denim cut off shorts. Maybe her sissy (Vittoria) will chose the shoes. I’ll keep you posted.


Twin dining in the meat packing district NYC

On this beautiful Sunday my family and friends with twins as well decided to go to the meat packing district in NYC and have lunch. Now, we were once in the crowd of having a Sunday funday at the hottest party, restaurant, rooftop however times have changed and I personally couldn’t have been happier. However our new Sunday funday was great except for one hiccup… We stopped for lunch at the spice market ( I wasn’t going to mention the name but whatever) were seated in a perfect spot off to the side with wall/bench seating for Moms and girlies, while dads were on the outside. We order out meals,which was great ( which was to be expected because once again we are regulars to the restaurant and neighborhood). After successfully finishing up our meal with 4 toddlers the children begin to get a bit restless and want to move around. Well we had one baby up off of the bench and touching the flit when the hostess comes over and tells us to get the baby because he didn’t want her to bother the customer behind us and she was tugging on his shirt. Which my X-ray mommy radar vision did not see. Those exact same customers that did not know we existed ( nor did we know hey existed until he pointed them out) and had to stand up to get there own menu because none of the waiters had attended to them yet. My husband was so upset he happily paid the bill for our meals and left $0 tip with a note to “thank —on”. I used to be a typical person who never wanted children until I took my first trip to Europe where I witnessed parents enjoying their children, family. I saw how children wee treated like people and created smiles. I witnessed families out at all times of the day and night together in restaurants, working together…pure happiness. Then to come home to this.

Nursing for two

Over the weekend the girls, my husband and I went to a birthday party. There were family, friends, babies, etc..etc. The parents of babies and toddlers were on mommy and daddy patrol, children were having fun, adults were eating and relaxing, mommies were nursing. I happen to be in the middle of my aunt and cousin nursing with of course people around us when my aunt notices what is going on underneath the nursing coverup. She states how cool it is and then looks at me and says oh you have to see Natasha nursing the both of them. She continues to describe how they position themselves and blah blah blah… But then I start with what I now think was tmi..oops. I happened to mention how my husband was on a health kick and wanted to have some pumped for his smoothies. Everyone seemed to laugh. Besides that nursing is the best thing that any mom can do for their child. If you are living a healthy life from the time of conception to after birth why not share it with your child. We are the only animals that are born to drinking artificial products to drinking milk from another animal. It only helps to start a new health life. When will the nursing end, that I don’t know ;).

Twins at play with other children

This weekend I was finally put in the position where I had to sit back and watch. The girls interacted with lots of friends, family and random new people this weekend. We were very busy. During these play times I found myself being taken aback by how some children interact with each other . I try so hard to teach my children to love each other, share, be nice… Use kind words. But what happens when they are out of the environment of just sissy and I? It was like a whole new world for them and an experience that I have been dreading for them. Besides that the Twindollicious sissy’s smile and remain happy.. See their smiles!



Twin connections

I ran into an old friend from high school who has twins. Except her twins will be 15 years old. Well these beauties are gorgeous. To see them together at this age just makes me emotional of what is to come. Besides the emotions there was a moment when the girls all caught contact and wanted each other. My girls arms reached out for them and they reached out for the babies. So funny !!! The best part was when the girls tried to switch babies. My girls had already made up their minds with their twin multiplicityinnate powers and demanded to remain with the sister they were Already being held by.. Isn’t that something. It amazes me how with their first meeting, they made connections.


A Day At The Park

Today the girls, my mom, brother and I took a walk over to the park.  On a day like today of course it was hot, sunny and crowded. There were babies and children of all ages accompanied by their care givers.  I would consider myself to be a social person, in fact I think that I may be raising two quite social twindollicious babies also.  Therefor when we are amongst a park full of people its fun time!  But, how about when you are the odd one out ?  I had three different woman in the park ask me if the girls were mine and if my brother was the father.  Believe me I am aware that in this day and age and country most parents do not go to the park with their own children during the week day working hours, but with the looks and questions I experienced today..IDK. I even had one woman tell me that one of the girls didnt look like me…REAlly? :):)


Today I have taken the time to analyze every emotion and facial expression my girls have expressed. We must remember to take the time to realize that we are building characters from birth to hope that these little ones become great people. With the tragedy that occurred in aurora, co we should all take the time to nurture and love our children along with your neighbors children.

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