DIY Monster Marshmallow for your next party! 

We have some little scientists over here in our TwinDollicious world! 

You can read more about science adventures played out by Violet and Kelly in the new release of “Summer camp here we come” 

For now watch how V & K have teamed up with Makers lab and the authors awesome book of 28 cool projects to DIY for kids and adults too

The girls had so much fun taking this marshmallow monster project recommended by Kim Kardashian to the next level by making smores… just to see if their little monsters were delicious and edible.  The monsters passed the test!  

The DIY was so easy and fun; it included 4 simple steps with minimal adult supervisikn for baking.. you need to watch, subscribe and try this for your next party or camping trip!

Art, Fashion, Friends and Fun

We truly enjoy meeting new friends! social media and here on the blog have made it even more fun to meet great people.  We recently teamed up with other creatives to do a workshop in NYC at an Argotea location.  

First, we recommend you taking a stop in for their delicious baked goods and TEA if there’s one in your neighborhood.

Now, when our friend Sonia of mixed up clothing co (based in LA) planned a trip to NY to collaborate with friends we were honored to be apart of it. Within one circle of friends others were created. 

Shalom Israel Diggs of Alpha key and TwinDollicious are now in the works to bring you a fun day in February that we’d love for you to join in on….. You can send an email reservation to Email : (subject line reserve my spot for ?_ children) 

Here area few images of what Alpha key is all about and details on their up and coming event in collaboration with Care Bears.

Harvesting Fall Events with cotton candy 

It may be fall with a slight crisp in the air but all seasons are made for festivals, fun, friends and cotton candy….especially the cotton candy; The year round treat 

The TwinDollicious team was honored to be apart of a celebration for artists while bringing awareness to the Cerebral Palsy foundation. The mobile Pop up shop found a cozy spot on the grounds of Flagship by the Staten Island ferry (FYI: stay tuned or all of the future projects and Events happening in that NY area) .

The Harvest Festival was all things festivals are made of, yummy food, family, friends, and exclusive one of a kind products that become keepsakes because it reminds you of that time you went to a festival during the fall harvest season and met awesome people including the artist that designed something that you fell in love with. 

Hope you’re all enjoying your harvest time. 

Apple and pumpkin picking season is here! 



Thought to text Tuesday at PS 48

When I started thought to text Tuesday, it was to share my idea of self publishing and collaborating successfully with other artists.  Within the past two weeks we have visited schools and children’s organizations to share our story.  The outcome of these visits are always spectacular!  The children were so interested in creating their own stories, beginning art projects and working together that the coordinators and teachers assigned them to create their own stories using my suggested first two steps in creating a story book. 

We used a template ( soon to be added as a free download on the website ) which included the cover page for illustration and the first two important pages of a book: introduction and setting. 

Each additional page included a large area for thumbnails or illlustration along with an area for adding their thoughts to text .  The quick and simple layout helped the children begin their books.  Many of them had great book ideas already and were excited for this assignment.  This event covered many areas of our goal to encourage, embrace, teaching and friendship.   And though this youthful group may have just been introduced to book creating a long lasting impressionn may open their hearts to becoming artists.

The children continued their stories after our visit, and sent over these beautiful messages regrding our book reading events. Image Image

Whats in a name

I’ve had many people ask why Twindollicious?! I will clarify that question by explaining that as I began this blog, created a title for the first children’s book revolving around characters Violet and Kelly (aka Vita and Kennedy) and continued by designing dresses and tshirts; I was asked where did I come up with the name Twindollicious. Well, like anything new things must grow on you, but when being questioned before its had a chance to grow there’s a moment when you say ok maybe this shouldn’t stick around. The name is a 3D word that is meaningful now and will always be. You see the girls great grandmother has always referred to them as dolls. This will always be a part of Vita and Kennedy’s life, and Twins title is simply because they’re twins. The licious part is because I, as their mom see them as being delicious, dollicious babies forever.
As we begin book 2 of the series, I was again had to ask myself of Twindollcious should remain in the title. I chose to keep it, as it has fully grown and I am most satisfied that I never changed my mind on it. We have launched a kickstarter.✓&term=Twindollicious+

We would love for all of our readers to become a part of spreading the word on this campaign by posting Twindollicious where ever you see fit!! We are 9 days in and the girls are super excited to share book 2, it’s lesson, new characters, and Title with you! Check out their personal You tube cheer!




Moms Choice!!

I am so excited to share that “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” has received a moms choice golden seal award for children’s book with values and life lessons. This story and every story that follows will express lessons to children. I would love for everyone to share the stories of Twindollicious sisters as my mission to embrace motherhood, education, fun, nurturing and growth continues. Doing the Celebration dance!