NYFW hair and fashion street style

NYFW is the highlight of fashion as we all know and LOVE!

In 2018 fashion has gone beyond clothing and is now embracing beauty And wellness as an overall fashion lifestyle. This new turn on fashion lifestyle has opened up many doors for creatives as well as fashion lifestyle lovers.

I used to find it hard to incorporate my work into the big world of fashion, because of the dedication to children and As a mom who considers my daily schedule before planning my style for the day…. I may fall off trend at times. However the excitement of not only having children’s fashion become a small part of fashion week but hair and beauty has taken center stage and I was super excited to attend the Texture on the runway event by Sally Beauty.

#naturallycurly was the movement of the night.

The runway was filled with creatively styled hair up dos, while talented models and ceo’s of hair brands like Cantu, Mane, carols daughter, Mielle, Shea moisture graced the stage to speak all of their goodness into the audience.

This change in the fashion week sparked so much excitement in everyone. It was awesome to interact with the brands, feel the products and learn more about the story behind them .

Another highlight and perfect combination to Fashion week is the event parties that follow. Media outlets are the reasons why we all strive in our businesses.

Which is why an Elle Magazine Fashion week party could not have been missed. They hosted the most elegant soirée to pamper the hard workers that put on these shows, and their guests. The glam squad was in attendance to make you shine, while a showcase of on trend looks were displayed for a first look and feel.


I can now say that I’m especially looking forward to a new shoe release by Sorel. Now that Fashion week is done and fall is creeping in I should be prepping fall looks and style but I can’t seem to put our resort wear away just yet.

We will see you back on the blog when we return from the 🏖 beach!

(Visiting The beautiful 5 in the Caribbean … including Honduras)

We escaped the bomb cyclone during the holidays


Every year during the holidays we try to take a vacation to celebrate V & K and Kenny’s Birthday.

We must have felt the chill in the air because we escaped to our favorite place just in time to escape the BOMB CYCLONE.

It has been 8 years since I have flown, yes 8… we have been cruising and driving since the twins were born. It was a bit nerve wrecking to travel on a plane during winter break with a little one. The girls were so excited to travel via airplane rather than sitting in the car state to state. I have to say I can remember the excitement I had for my first plane ride. They were so well behaved – all 3! The girls were interested in their books and movies while Bash slept during the flight coming and going.

Here’s a TIP: We semi carefully chose the flight time to Florida to coincide with Bash’s morning naps… (score!) this really does work if your child is consistent with napping.

We visited some of our favorite places and people while on this trip. It’s always great to see family that you don’t usually get to see during the holidays.

Quality time with each other as well as being present in the moment makes lasting memories.

The temperatures were not as warm as we would have liked during our last few days but it was much appreciated. Our NYC life was in a cold mess of a cyclone. We continued to receive updates and check on our home during those days. The snow looked beautiful at first fall but when temps are that low, things can become scary. As we thought about returning home we decided to leave a little behind in our place in Palm beach… could this be a sign of us truly thinking of staying longer and longer each trip?!

Our excursions around the state of Florida are always fun! We try to get to the beaches and visit our regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner places as well as book stores. We enjoyed the comfort of Mazda  6 Grand Touring to get around during this trip. We were all able to fit comfortably and trunk space was unlike any other vehicle. The trunk space and safety features are amazing. With 3 children safety is very important when driving. Luxury, comfort, safety and style!


*Safety and Security Highlights: – Engine immobilizer anti-theft system – Foldaway brake pedal assembly – LATCH child seat safety tethers – Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – Available Smart Brake Support (SBS) with Collision Warning** – Available Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)* – Rain-sensing windshield wipers*

What more can you ask for in a vehicle….oh and excellent on gas!


We returned to NYC with a smooth flight over the clouds and through the winds.

Thankfully everyone and everything survived and we were happy to return to our beautiful city!

Our favorite Places highlights:

The National

IMG_2697  IMG_2710

Surf Side Diner


Yes, Breakfast at the Surfside Diner included a photo opp with Mr and Mrs Patterson.


Classic Book Store

Chesterfield Hotel



Mi Gente on Sesame Street 

We decided to take advantage of this beautiful Fall Weather and spend the day on Sesame Street at Sesame Place, in Langhorne PA. http://www.sesameplace.com/

With this beautiful weather forecast of 80-85 degrees on the weekend we couldn’t resist but to take Bash to where we thought would be his favorite place.

Boy were we right! Bash and his TwinDollicious sisters enjoyed the spooktacular Halloween festivities at Sesame Place!

That hour and fifteen minute drive from NY was so worth all of the memories we will have to look back on. Bash immediately knew who his friends were, as he posed for pictures and gave hi-fives with smiles and dance moves throughout the day.

Watch the dance moves: https://instagram.com/p/BZ9bQ3kgviT/

Isnt it so awesome to watch your children enjoy something so much at such a young age? I think that we always wonder what will they remember and is it worth it to expose them to things so young that they won’t retain. The truth of it all is the experience. These little spongy people will become better adults because of the great memories they will have to look back on and the exposure to The positive things in life.

Striving to make it count !