Sharing more beach style and TwinDollicious adventure

Just when school was beginning and we were mentally preparing to settle down a bit for fall we decided to go on one more adventure!

We visited the beautiful Caribbean island of Honduras , then traveled along the Norwegian Getaway ‘s private island in Belize, Costa Maya Mexico and Cozumel for a week full of learning and adventure.

One of the best parts may have been he beautiful weather, beach days and resort wear.

Honduras is such a cultured country of food, wonderful people and growth. The old dirt road were being paved as we drive from one port to another. We visited the beautiful Garifuna village, ate fresh from the trees and ocean, and listened to nostalgic Spanish music. All while our little city kiddies blended without any transition necessary.

Visiting Roatan Animals

Belize tranquility

Serenade s in Costa Maya

La isla /ciudad Cozumel

There’s such a perfect blend of city and island life to Cozumel.

While visiting, they were beginning the festivities of their new year celebration. Shops were lining up for vending , carnival rides were being set up and the aroma of delicious authentic food filled the streets.

You can never forget about the ocean experience. Cruising has been one of our favorite things to do after having the Twins and we can now say that Bash has adjusted to this lifestyle very well. He is our little runner, with lots of energy, but while on the ship we never worried about finding ways to keep him busy. He visited the splash academy for the little guppies, while the girls Played with friends. He also took numerous trips to ice cream stations and enjoyed the water slides.

Back to school Bliss

We’re celebrating back to school with some of our favorite summer of 2016 highlights !! 

Starting with summer camp: V&K may have had hesitation about summer camp but somehow it became the best part of rising early in the morning and when it was all done they were pretty sad. The girls met new friends from different schools and neighborhoods and also visited some awesome museums and workshops. When asked what was your favorite thing to do at camp their response was gardening. 

Here are a few great pics of what 5 year old gardeners look like: 

Next memorable summer event: visiting Martha’s Vineyard and other mini vacays!  But keeping traditions matter & Martha’s  vineyard has been our traditional summer getaway before children and easily transitioned to include them. Staying committed to memorable events help mold cultured children that hold your immediate families beliefs close to their hearts to hopefully pass on to their families. 

V&K here at State Road: (A favorite of the Obama’s)

Last but certainly not least of this summers events; highlights them all: the arrival of baby brother aka Kenneth Sebastian aka “Bash”.  We couldn’t be anymore blessed. Sibling love is written all of their faces and my wish is for it to never end! 

Sharing more of Bash come!