DIY Monster Marshmallow for your next party!Β 

We have some little scientists over here in our TwinDollicious world! 

You can read more about science adventures played out by Violet and Kelly in the new release of “Summer camp here we come” 

For now watch how V & K have teamed up with Makers lab and the authors awesome book of 28 cool projects to DIY for kids and adults too

The girls had so much fun taking this marshmallow monster project recommended by Kim Kardashian to the next level by making smores… just to see if their little monsters were delicious and edible.  The monsters passed the test!  

The DIY was so easy and fun; it included 4 simple steps with minimal adult supervisikn for baking.. you need to watch, subscribe and try this for your next party or camping trip!

The Stage is set

As I look at the photo of our completed booth from NYC Javits book Expo America I can’t help but to feel a bit nostalgic. The feeling of walking into a beautifully displayed room full of colors, illustrations and books is a great one. I will continue to add posts, happenings and photos from the expo for the next 3 days, to keep everyone up to date with our Twindollicious experience.


What a difference a year makes

Another year has gone by, but for some reason it’s been a year that I have been anticipating to pass. I now have 2 year old twin girls with the funniest personalities ever. Their facial expressions, mini conversations and songs that they sing are amazing! A bigger milestone occurred when the 3 of us were so excited to open up the UPS box for the long awaited “Any Two CAn Be Twindollicious”. They recognize the characters that we have come to know so well. They love their twindollicious hair bows more than any other accessory and when they see the illustrations of violet and Kelly, they yell twindollicious!!

Now, finally to enjoy the story πŸ™‚ :). Vittoria has her favorite part..violet sticking her foot in the mud. Kennedy loves Petey the guinea pig. What will be your favorite parts to read to your little ones?! You may pre order a copy from our site or which will be autographed or on 6/6/13 order a copy on or



Traveling Twindollicious

Traveling and vacation is one of my personal favorite past times, but when you have 2 children that enjoy it just as much as you…that is a double score!! My husband and I have slowly begun to get our travels back; starting with a road trip from NY-Fla when the girls were 4 1/2 months. Pleasantly surprised but, that was a great trip. We have continued that journey a few more times and this Spring took the leap of faith to travel the seas with them on Royal Caribbean’s Eastern ports voyage. Why the seas before the sky? I am not sure why in this order , but as I said one thing at a time lol. It turned out to be a great thing for the girls. They made tons of friends, the crew learned their names and they were stars on board πŸ™‚ :). There was dancing until their shoes came off, swimming, lots of eating and discoveries..It was like a playground of the sea for them. Vittoria carried her puppy throughout the trip on and off the ship from home to Bermuda, St. Maarten, St. Barths, San Juan and other ports. It is so exciting to share our highlight photos and memories ||see below|| I also have some travel tips for parents when traveling with and without the kiddies in my latest Article written for the Spring edition of the wonderful and infamous Multiplicity magazine. Visit; page 37 on the web to read or to purchase. Lastly, here’s a question????
Question: on this trip a Twindollicious discovery was made. One of these locations outline the story behind the next “Twindollicious” story. The story of grandma Rosey, her favorite island vacation and her magic dolls. Which island do you think it is?







Twin Sister Negotiations

Sunday funday included a trip to our local Costco; which I have come to love for many reasons. One being that it’s a shopping trip with doubles in mind. Their shopping carts are made for us, with two front row seats to fit my girls perfectly. The samples of food add time for shopping and less worries about reaching home quickly to make dinner or lunch. Lastly, I kind of enjoy bulk buying. Now it seems that V and K have their own agendas and I have photos for proof. See below from bottom to top; I will describe the HAPPENINGS in numerical order of what I think may have been going on. Because pictures tell a thousand stories. (btw If she were wearing heels instead of rubber sole baby minnentonka you could probable her the stomps around the store) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
1. K: sissy, we’re supposed to be getting mom to go down the fruit snack aisle.
2. K: but, Sissy what are you doing?
3. K: ok (thinking) what can I do to get her to work with me and have mom pick up those snacks?
4. Hugs, smiles and poses for mommy always work





Easter Egg Hunts, Baskets and More

Well the easter bunny has just left our house. He dropped off a bunch of goodies for the girls and planted some extra eggs around for them to find.
Personally Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, besides the great significance behind it, there’s so much fun involved. There are those beautiful Easter bonnets and dresses; suits and ties, family and friends. I had to share some photos of our Baskets.
Tip: for moms with multiples or just more than one child keepsake baskets with their on them goes a long way. It eliminates confusion over not finding the exact same straw design disposable basket and it helps the children with name recognition ;)……now all you have to worry about is filling it up evenly and putting it away for the next year. This was a great gift given to my girls on their first Easter πŸ™‚ :). The rest of our fillings of course are so Twindollicious with bff t shirts by ruum, chalk (a favorite) beads, bunnies, bubbles and bows.
We’re also sharing their first Easter bonnet.. Not exactly traditional but they were pretty small babies and had to stay warm.