NYFW hair and fashion street style

NYFW is the highlight of fashion as we all know and LOVE!

In 2018 fashion has gone beyond clothing and is now embracing beauty And wellness as an overall fashion lifestyle. This new turn on fashion lifestyle has opened up many doors for creatives as well as fashion lifestyle lovers.

I used to find it hard to incorporate my work into the big world of fashion, because of the dedication to children and As a mom who considers my daily schedule before planning my style for the day…. I may fall off trend at times. However the excitement of not only having children’s fashion become a small part of fashion week but hair and beauty has taken center stage and I was super excited to attend the Texture on the runway event by Sally Beauty.

#naturallycurly was the movement of the night.

The runway was filled with creatively styled hair up dos, while talented models and ceo’s of hair brands like Cantu, Mane, carols daughter, Mielle, Shea moisture graced the stage to speak all of their goodness into the audience.

This change in the fashion week sparked so much excitement in everyone. It was awesome to interact with the brands, feel the products and learn more about the story behind them .

Another highlight and perfect combination to Fashion week is the event parties that follow. Media outlets are the reasons why we all strive in our businesses.

Which is why an Elle Magazine Fashion week party could not have been missed. They hosted the most elegant soirée to pamper the hard workers that put on these shows, and their guests. The glam squad was in attendance to make you shine, while a showcase of on trend looks were displayed for a first look and feel.


I can now say that I’m especially looking forward to a new shoe release by Sorel. Now that Fashion week is done and fall is creeping in I should be prepping fall looks and style but I can’t seem to put our resort wear away just yet.

We will see you back on the blog when we return from the ūüŹĖ beach!

(Visiting The beautiful 5 in the Caribbean … including Honduras)

NYFW behind the scenes with V and K

New York fashion week may be behind us but we’re just getting started to plan lots of exciting things for V & K’s life on the runway. 

We had the honor of attending shows for Rookie USA kids by haddad bros for make a wish foundation. While there we were lucky enough to attend adult runway stages and walk on them after the seasoned professional models of top designers.  Exciting is beyond how the girls felt when Rae (runway trainer to the models) and Laurie of  LDJdesigns (production co for fabulous exclusive runway shows) invited them for a behind the scenes moment. 

From one professional runway trainer to a mom’s ears … V & K are naturals and are ready for some real runway events… so here they come; one step at a time, with smiles. 

E entertainment Fashion police studio box wearing Zara kids / Uggs / faux fur ,cat purse 

Kids NY Fashion Weekend

Its September in New York again! My, my where does the time go!? After a great summer fun of travel and events we were happy to take some time out for a traditional NY block party. ¬†However, this block party hosted by the iconic Essence magazine featured many new artists, fashion icons, actors and mini style stars walking the street styles. V & K’s mention in the Essence review was quite humbling to see. ¬†Their natural love of meeting new people and interactions in fashion keeps their enthusiasm at 100% Always (LOL).
We’re sharing a few of our favorite shots as well as the Home Depot PINK closet makeover must have.¬†


Sneak Peek of our new favorite shade of pink fabric and the rebranded logo which will be on all of the new styles for 2016!

Love is taught and so is fashion!

We spent part of our Valentines shooting “Kids couch” coming to a youtube channel near you :))

~ We’re sharing our DIY way of making TwinDollicious tutu skirts as we do at Author events and designing boutique pop ups. http://www.twindollicious.com/shop

And took a few selfies while waiting.





NYFW for kids has taken over!

As promised we have a Twindollicious report on the Petite parade fashion show with added important information we would like to share.
This seasons event included fall/winter collections but the weather called for Spring.
When choosing a style the girls made the choice to wear their twindollicious *chevron with crochet trim skirts, cardigan and sparkly ballet flats. The short walk to the venue was amazing considering the loss of outerwear. Once we were seated and lights were out Vittoria took over the canon and began taking photos. I might add that I am happy we were not seated in the front row this year…Kennedy would not have been able to help herself from walking the runway; as she continued to do the Miss America wave from her seat.
Tristan and Tyler; twins from TristanandTyler show.com were great hosts! All models were gorgeous and professional. Their styles were a perfect match for each collection. Our favorite for the show were #imogacollection and #aliviasimone . PlaytimeNY and ENK children’s club at NYC Javits Center visits completed a full fashion week with a pit stop to the park! ~ V & K





Kids Fashion Week in NY is here again!

It’s the 4th year of Petite Parade’s fashion show. The fashion week for children begins with this globally loved show that has taken off in the past 4 years. Vita and Kennedy will be a lot more aware of the happenings and fashionable pieces. They have even taken a hand at picking through a few styles; which we will share. Kids NYFW also includes ENK children’s club; where designers such as Twindollicious and others will be showcasing their lines to buyers. We will be posting lots of great images from of kids fashion week adventures, including interactions with friends, fashionable pieces, some of our favorite new things and crafts. In the mean time get ready to follow our NYFW while we’re creating stories via http://www.instagram.com/ @twindollicious.com



Valentines Day Crafts and Parties

This Valentines Day we will be crafting and hosting for our friends. We have decided to dedicate this Valentines day to our children whom Cupid has blessed us with… And we’re spicing it up a bit to include their friends. Vita and Kennedy are so excited to have their friends over for Valentines day! It is noticeable that at age 3 things matter SI much more to them.
On our entertainment list there is: baking heart shaped cookies, crafting heart shaped garland, designing our twindollicious tshirts with heart felt, rhinestones and glue, creating heart shaped cards, while wearing our heart to heart shapes leggings. We are truly in for a love fest of fun!

Craft Info:
Twindollicious character t shirts are pre made while felt, rhinestone and fabric glue with a touch of washable markers will add a bit of style and color to the DIY shirt.
Cards: we’re using red and white striped paper and tissue paper for lining an envelope, red card stock paper and stencil letter to create love notes.
Heart Garland: Felt with card stock paper on top, glitter, glue, string and a whole puncher come together to create a beautiful window, door or home garland.
Heart to Heart leggings are made with love from our Twindollicious Collection.





Kids Fashion Week and Back To School Bash

Fashion week always presents excitement for us ever since the girls became apart of a little thing called Kids Fashion Week. This is our second year of taking part of the NYFW for kids shows and show cases. Over the weekend The girls actually walked the runway, unlike last years events of fit modeling and photo session. This years Back To School Bash at the Barcaly Center in Brooklyn NY included a wonderful runway to showcase fun new fall designs by children’s clothing designers who have collaborated with Stork Children’s Boutique. I have included some fun photos of the girls as they await their turn to walk the run way, heading towards the runway and smiling after effects with NY’s great DJ Envy, whom made them dance the day away!! And when it was all said and done two little voices asked “stage again” and I said to myself uh oh. Wishing everyone a successful year at school!