How to include the kids in Fall Home Decor

In the spirit of Fall we begin our home décor on October 1st to welcome the change of seasons and the two month long festivities.  This happens to be one of my favorite times of year, just for the home décor opportunities.

This year we’ve taken our style from front yard to back, and within the house with small touches of pumpkins, orange colors and natural wood.  We’ve even incorporated the kids new favorite backyard sand and water bench by Simplay3.

The girls directed Bash to place gourds and mini pumpkins along the bench while closed…..which doubles up as a little sitting area just for him, when not floating boats or building sand blocks inside of it.   After all of this decorating fun, we just may find a way to incorporate the Simplay3 water bench into all of our family photos.

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Mi Gente on Sesame Street 

We decided to take advantage of this beautiful Fall Weather and spend the day on Sesame Street at Sesame Place, in Langhorne PA.

With this beautiful weather forecast of 80-85 degrees on the weekend we couldn’t resist but to take Bash to where we thought would be his favorite place.

Boy were we right! Bash and his TwinDollicious sisters enjoyed the spooktacular Halloween festivities at Sesame Place!

That hour and fifteen minute drive from NY was so worth all of the memories we will have to look back on. Bash immediately knew who his friends were, as he posed for pictures and gave hi-fives with smiles and dance moves throughout the day.

Watch the dance moves:

Isnt it so awesome to watch your children enjoy something so much at such a young age? I think that we always wonder what will they remember and is it worth it to expose them to things so young that they won’t retain. The truth of it all is the experience. These little spongy people will become better adults because of the great memories they will have to look back on and the exposure to The positive things in life.

Striving to make it count !

Halloween festivities 

Shout it out loud! Halloween season is here!  Who doesn’t love all of the possible festivities surrounded around Halloween?  Whether you are into spooky adventures with headless horseman and hayrides through cornfields or heading to the public farms for picking harvest and pies we’re all in this together!

This year we enjoyed harvest picking at langhourne farms and battle orchards. This is the last weekend to attend the walk of Jacko Lanterns in Westbury… So hurry in!

For a chance to wear our fun costumes we will be attending great Halloween parties.  One is A public event hosted by event planner Mialandy.  It’s open to the public at the price of $5 and located at the Z hotel in LIC NY (head over to their site for additional tkt info)

We are excited to announce that we will be at the Hester Street fair in Lower Manhattan on Halloween…crafting up some fun with our TwinDollicious tutus! It’s a free entry event and with every purchase of a tutu your design it yourself embellishments are free.

V&K cannot wait to dress up in their disgust and Joy costumes based on Disneys Inside out! We will be shrub photos here…

Here Making costume plans

We would love to hear some of your costume ideas and plans; and you can share with us here in comments.

Tricks, treats and Halloween

Halloween, A holiday celebrated by all! V & K enjoyed their first school Halloween celebration. All classes participated in the school’s Halloween Parade fully costumed with creativity. In costumes from 7 am – 8:30pm was a success but not so easy fitting into car seats, closing jackets with double the petti skirt tutus, but we’re believing that beauty is pain. The girls loved every minute of it and I needed a nap by 5pm.

They were Mia Fairies with zapper handmade bracelets and hair accessories. Amongst a slew of other amazing costumes. The girls admired the brother /sister Dunkin Donuts costumes which raised big ideas for next years’ costume.
Trick O’ treating and Halloween candy oh my! We joined a kiddie bunch and trooped around the neighborhood shouting trick o treat. But the most exciting part was answering the door for trick o treat-ers, handing out candy, and looking at others costumes. They even emptied their baskets into the bigger baskets for the other children. Happy Halloween Fun! 🎃🎃
V & K xoIMG_2385.JPG






Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Decorating

Halloween eve has turned into pumpkin picking, pumpkin painting, smoke machines, filling candy bowls, carving utensils, and Halloween story books. It has always been an exciting time of year. Something about dressing up as your favorite characters and being someone different in a disguise is quite nice. It’s also very child like which is probably why I enjoy it so. This year the girls were so excited to paint their pumpkins, then work with their grandma on cutting and carving once the paint was dry. (painting can be found on our youtube video…as we’re practicing identifying colors… search natashadanna). We also made a few decorations of our own. An hollow pumpkin made of a piece of a fake Xmas tree branch for the stem, pipe cleaners and ruffled plastic party lays in orange. To top it off the girls have chosen for me to be a GOOD witch. They will be dressed as lady bugs with tutus of course and wings. Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Halloween from Twindollicious V & K. :):)





Pumpkin picking fun for children and adults

This weekend we celebrated grandma jojo’s 60th birthday by visiting baiting hollow farms in long island ny.
When the plans were first presented to me I couldn’t imagine a place that had wine tasting, farm animals, playground area and pumpkin picking all at once. To my surprise this place exceeded my expectations.

Vittoria and Kennedy were especially happy because they love music and of course there was a band. A band playing good oL country music with some line dancing. The only thing I regret is not recording these two party girls kicking and spinning, trying to learn the new dance. Once done with wine and eating we made our way over to the pumpkin patch, which included a corn maze ( that daddy decided to get lost in). With happy toasted adults and children in a playground area everyone was happy in the end. By 6 pm the adults packed themselves in their limousine and the girls comfortably snuggled in their car seats …we made the 1 1/2 hour ride home. It was all worth it. If anyone in the ny area is up for some fun for everyone take a ride over. I’m pretty sure the limousine is the best way to go for adults there were many there.