NYFW hair and fashion street style

NYFW is the highlight of fashion as we all know and LOVE!

In 2018 fashion has gone beyond clothing and is now embracing beauty And wellness as an overall fashion lifestyle. This new turn on fashion lifestyle has opened up many doors for creatives as well as fashion lifestyle lovers.

I used to find it hard to incorporate my work into the big world of fashion, because of the dedication to children and As a mom who considers my daily schedule before planning my style for the day…. I may fall off trend at times. However the excitement of not only having children’s fashion become a small part of fashion week but hair and beauty has taken center stage and I was super excited to attend the Texture on the runway event by Sally Beauty.

#naturallycurly was the movement of the night.

The runway was filled with creatively styled hair up dos, while talented models and ceo’s of hair brands like Cantu, Mane, carols daughter, Mielle, Shea moisture graced the stage to speak all of their goodness into the audience.

This change in the fashion week sparked so much excitement in everyone. It was awesome to interact with the brands, feel the products and learn more about the story behind them .

Another highlight and perfect combination to Fashion week is the event parties that follow. Media outlets are the reasons why we all strive in our businesses.

Which is why an Elle Magazine Fashion week party could not have been missed. They hosted the most elegant soirée to pamper the hard workers that put on these shows, and their guests. The glam squad was in attendance to make you shine, while a showcase of on trend looks were displayed for a first look and feel.


I can now say that I’m especially looking forward to a new shoe release by Sorel. Now that Fashion week is done and fall is creeping in I should be prepping fall looks and style but I can’t seem to put our resort wear away just yet.

We will see you back on the blog when we return from the 🏖 beach!

(Visiting The beautiful 5 in the Caribbean … including Honduras)

Cool kids hit the Runway

Have we ever mentioned that Runway events for kids are the best! It’s a great way for designers to showcase their new lines, the kiddies get to see their friends, be silly, dress up, shop for what THEY want and there’s usually goodies and Swag Bag gifts!! 

July 11th rang in the annual RunwaykidsNYC event! Runwaykidsnyc   

The NYC location was scouted to perfection along with venue coordinators, sponsors and vendors. The talented designers and models traveled from near and far to attend this anticipated event; which went down without a hitch! 

Our TwinDolls worked so hard and we are Uber proud of them: here’s a sneaky peeky of some great runway and fun filled shots! 

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TwinDollicious Collection  
  When it’s all done…. We CELEBRATE the SUCCESS!                                              

And just like that we’re done…. It’s a blur 


Photography by Denise@denisecampos.com & TwinMarie photography on Facebook

Doll Face Feature

We have come to know so many beautiful, smart and talented little Dolly’s that I can only see fit to share their talents by Spotlighting them here on the blog.  We will be featuring some of our runway models and wonderful customers as our “Doll Face” feature of the week. Where would we be without you! 

Model: Ilyana – who happens to remind me of our beautiful Abigail from book 1 “Any two can be TwinDollicious” 

Designed in TwinDollicious / http://www.twindollicious.com/Violet-twirl-dress

Photographer -lered photography 

Dolls , Fashion and Fun 

Have you ever heard the saying Try it you may like it? Well we did, and in this case it’s the experience, people and fun tht we LOVE! 

Team TwinDollicious and V & K ventured off to another runway show / pageant in Wippany N J; organized by the company East Coast Starz. The owners : Stacie Fitz and Lauren are definitely creating stars when working with the models, moms and sponsors of the shows. 

Take 9 was the name of this event and it included tons of sponsors, designers, models as young as 3 years old, judges , casting directors, talents, singers, dancers and management companies. 

It was great to meet all of the team members / models that walked our line.  The excitement of meeting customers, whom become friends are the best hands on experiences ever. We are built to create confidence through, fun and fashion and with all of our new Dolly friends we’re one step ahead in the right direction. 
Enjoy the smiles on their faces :):)


The Doll Face Team- represent Munich Germany
Hype Girlz


How to rip the runway

We’ve all seen models grace the runway and walk for spectacular designers year after year worldwide, but there is just something about little fashionistas gracing the runway that is purely glamorous! 

V & K and TwinDollicious were given the opportunity to join in the BCK Magazine’s first runway show. The Spring collection were worn by such adorable models ranging in the ages of 6-9; yet their model behavior reflected Giselle Bundchen once hitting the runway stage. V and K assisted styling in the dressing room and then key chained along the runway with great big smiles.  We’re gearing up to do it again on another stage and location and we cannot wait to share. 

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Fashion Forward after FW for Kids

Fashion week for kids and all of the fun has come to an end or has it?! Now is the time to take away all of those great and creative ideas and colors and put them into action. It’s time to style, create your own and add on to what is missing. The bold beautiful prints along with the comfortable casual colors come together to make an array of Twindollicious-ness for me as mommy! To our sweet friend/follower of the blog here are some of our favorite trends for spring. Starting from the top to the bottom with this Fedora for girls….must have!