Its time for a NY Baby Show Giveaway

The 2017 New York Baby Show, on May 20 & 21 at Pier 94 will once again be the largest show for new and expectant parents in the country. Now in its 7th year, no other event provides a better experience for thousands of expectant and new families from New York and neighboring counties, seeking a family-friendly jamboree of top brands, great speakers and seminars, big giveaways, and lots of learning, support, bonding, and fun as you make your way into parenthood.

Our experience at last years event was a success.  We attended with a goal find a travel system for one baby this time! I happily tested a few high end popular brand carriages and fell in love with the Maxi cosi Adorra travel system(pictured below).  Our little bundle Bash enjoys his rides in his carriage and this mom here enjoys the light weight comfort of the detachable pieces….and the gorgeous shade of gray.

 We are giving away tickets for you and your family to experience the show. 

Just click this link below and happy baby show….

Baby show tickets

V & K at NY baby show 2016 hunting for the perfect travel system for their new baby brother … happy helpers!


Day 3 Of Sharing Things We’re Thankful for

Every year my husband and I host Thanksgiving dinner at our home for the family. Both sides of our immediate family get together, pray, laugh, eat and relax. It is something I have come accustomed to and enjoy after many years. Secret: the first year I wanted to rip my head off! But I now enjoy it, I really, really do; besides imagine hosting all of the holidays?? Id rather take my one day, host the turkey out of it and give thanks that I will not be doing, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial…… Joking. I will be sharing more Thanks for family, traditions and hosting on Thanskgiving! :):) Today I am excited to share that I will be #shopping either online or in person at #Target and #Toy r Us, and live hosting our very own first Black Friday Sale at I never think about shopping on #BlackFriday, but could not pass up some goodies for myself, my husband and the girls (big doc mcstuffin fans). Our sale will include our “best friend set” along with the Spring ’14 striped tutu dresses at 40% off using code Tutu. We hope you find a sale to be thankful for!



Twindollicious lady bugs for Halloween


It was so much fun to add extra pieces and designs to this lady bug costume that I am anticipating next year. Apparently I am not the only one anticipating next years Halloween costume in our home, because the girls have already requested to be good witches with brooms. Since now is the time to begin searching for left over Halloween goodies I have gone ahead and snagged a few good pieces; of course at great discounts. There is never a perfect time to shop when you’re getting a great deal.

Year 1 – cupcakes
Year 2 – cheerleaders
Year 3 – ladybugs

How did you spend your memorial day weekend

As we come to an end to this long, important holiday weekend here in the USA known as Memorial Day I wanted to share some of our activities, thoughts and fashion. The Twindollicious story is available in stores and doing great πŸ™‚ :), so we’ve taken a quick, very quick breath of fresh air to relax this weekend. My extended family loves touch base on this day; especially with the elders (85 and up) to reflect on their memories of our historical men in armor. My great grandfather happily wore his uniform for this country, and I will always admire a person that does so. Our family stayed local (NY) and enjoyed the holiday sales in the men’s suit and department stores. We visited the good old movie theater to see The animated movie Epic. This movie was great! The animation was so creative, and the storyline was created in such a favorable way; it included real life with just enough fiction to keep you guessing what will happen next. I think that this is my favorite part of animated stories. You never know what will happen next. On monday, we took a walk to the beach to enjoy the sounds and smells of spring. Throughout this entire weekend the girls were trending stripes in all colors for the flag and to get ready for our Twindollicious summer collection.






Twin Sister Negotiations

Sunday funday included a trip to our local Costco; which I have come to love for many reasons. One being that it’s a shopping trip with doubles in mind. Their shopping carts are made for us, with two front row seats to fit my girls perfectly. The samples of food add time for shopping and less worries about reaching home quickly to make dinner or lunch. Lastly, I kind of enjoy bulk buying. Now it seems that V and K have their own agendas and I have photos for proof. See below from bottom to top; I will describe the HAPPENINGS in numerical order of what I think may have been going on. Because pictures tell a thousand stories. (btw If she were wearing heels instead of rubber sole baby minnentonka you could probable her the stomps around the store) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
1. K: sissy, we’re supposed to be getting mom to go down the fruit snack aisle.
2. K: but, Sissy what are you doing?
3. K: ok (thinking) what can I do to get her to work with me and have mom pick up those snacks?
4. Hugs, smiles and poses for mommy always work





Scavenger hunt winner

We spent the weekend scoping out the smallest pieces of furniture and necessary objects that will work in the 10 x 10 book expo space. And where do you find these great pieces, in Ikea. Well, they happened to have a scavenger hunt going on through twitter and I had to join in the fun. It wouldn’t be me if I had not. The rules of the game were to take photos in certain areas of the store and to follow the tweet directions. I am attaching one of the photos that I chose under the option to tweet a picture “cooking in the kitchen”. I had to make it cute and creative, why not. We had fun doing it and that is what counts. Then we won!


Semi Bullying via Internet

Is it me or has anyone that has tried to sell on eBay feel bullied when a buyer isn’t completely happy with an item? I know that when listing an item you must be honest, and detailed and pictures never order to get the sale. You should also be prompt with your shipping and at least a neat package. This all started after looking in my girls closet 3 months ago and realizing that I have to prepare for another season of clothing and make room in their closet. Well what better way than to sell their mostly brand new(because they were always out of size and season being preemies when someone buys a gift) designer clothed wardrobe that’s better than mine. With this great idea I have been able to lose some stuff to purchase more …Great! However I have encountered some crazies.. Like I would never want to be in that Kansas department store when your big foot doesn’t fit in the actual sized shoe. Can it be that the Internet or eBay gives buyers so much confidence and make sellers so afraid of negativity that the “I’m unhappy with my product” email starts out with insults, capital letters and demands? Really?! Would someone face a cashier or customer service rep that way. There is such a thing as being nice until someone gives a reason not to. Maybe im taking it too personal because these are my precious items, but I swear these items are gorg :). Here’s an example just for goodness sake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚