We hosted a Beech Nut Naturals baby foodie party

It’s time for holidays and one of our favorites is peeking through the window. That would be Thanksgiving of course !

It’s the holiday where I get to cook all of my favorite meals for the family; from the elders down to the babies.

I learned about Beech-Nut Naturals line of baby food purees inspired by homemade just in time. The line of jar purees was created with input from moms and dads to share how Beech Nut ® Naturals ™ ‘s company from Upstate New York message is real food for babies™!

I wanted to host some of my favorite moms and babies to a casual get together in order to share how feeding your family the best possible food can be introduced at an early stage, as well as using the delicious ingredients made with real fruits and vegetables that we would use at home to create deliciousness for us adults as well.

As a #Beechnutpartner #realfoodforbabies #mommies parties host; I created this delicious purée dip that included real strawberries, fresh blueberries and whipped cream cheese, served with crackers for the moms while the babies feasted on their favorite Beech Nut Naturals fruits and vegetables.

The cutest honey pot jar with the rich green top can be found in your local grocery store for the babies to enjoy, just like these Little’s.

Can we repeat Halloween 👻

It would be fine by me to celebrate Halloween every weekend! We had so much fun prepping for Halloween, maybe so much so that when the day finally arrived we didn’t want to see it end.

V & K attended cooking classes at Butter Beans / asphalt green location where they made yummy worm deserts and spooky recipes that could be repeated in any kitchen for a Halloween party. We also indulged in our own Halloween festivities at home with friends and family. All leading up to the spectacular adventures of Halloween!!!! NOW we’re all done!

Costumes live on and will be worn until they no longer fit, and that is guaranteed

Photo credit Worm pudding photo thirty mommy