Here are your first healthy, fun and stylish steps to prepping for the holidays from MTNightout3

If you’ve ever looked through the pages of Parents Magazine , Parents Latina, family fun and other amazing editorial magazines that bring you bright photos of products and brands you’re going to love what’s new for the holiday and beyond.

After attending a hosted event for moms curated by our friends at momtrends. I’m sharing how I experienced a list of brands in real life just to bring you a moms influential insight on some goodness you will love!

Now of course if you’re a parent you know that the start of school and change of seasons bring on sicknesses and the FLU. Well BoironUSA introduces us parents to more healthy days and less sick days with their homeopathic medicines. Boiron medicines do not contain any of the ingredients questioned by FDA for use in children under 4. They’re best know for the top selling flu medicine Oscillococcinum and the line of cough and cold relief medicines including chestal and cold calm. *We all know that it’s that time of year.

When you’re on a roll to happy healthy holidays you want to do it in style this is where JCPenney steps in. They have just launched a new lifestyle brand : Peyton & Parker. You can get your hands on the amazing new brand by shopping the store exclusively or on line Peyton & Parker by JCP

I’m personally in love with home decor and even enjoy adding the kiddos toys (because it is a part of our lifestyle) into the homes setting, which is why are our go to for quality, sustainability, fun, learning and style. It is actually the world leader in innovative educational products that enrich your child’s development. We’re especially highlighting the electronic learning products that include baby walk alongs to the KidiZoom Smart watch DX2 for holiday gifting.

Fun and play is always great but with holiday fun also comes lots of family outings and delicious food. If your babes are eating meals they’re probably exposed to different foods and textures. It’s recommended to introduce them to a probiotic that will reduce fussiness due to occasional digestive upset while developing a healthy digestive and immune system; which is where comes in.

Culturelle is a pediatrician recommended brand based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a kids probiotic brand. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat , cure or prevent any disease, but contain safe and gentle ingredients that work naturally with your baby’s body.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration.

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3 steps to clear skin with MDAcne review

Have you ever had an app come to your rescue? I recently discovered the miracle of MDAcne and all its wonder!

My skin has taught me how inconsistent break outs can be. I once suffered from bad acne as a teenager; and thought that after having children it would never happen again. However with changes in hormones and lifestyle our skin teaches us how to pay attention to signs of self care and how to identify with our personal skin type.

When I decided to learn more about my skin/ facial care for my dark spots I turned to MDacne App and the acne treatment solution created just for my skin.

It was all so simple, just follow these steps:

1. Download the MDAcne App

2. Take a screen shot selfie (fun) provide your shipping information

3. Wait for the kit to arrive

Enjoy your journey to beautiful clear skin❗️

When my personalized and simple 3 step kit arrived I couldn’t wait to begin the journey. Even more importantly was the access to unlimited chat with a Dermatologist to assist with any questions.

I actually put the kids to bed early and excitedly began with the hydrating cleanser , customized treatment cream followed by the customized soothing moisturize the next day. I have continued this process to share with everyone how pleased I am with the results.

After my review I am sharing this promo code with you here for your chance to begin the journey to get to know your skin with MDacne ( 30OFF-blog for 30% off) .

How we plan on handling our identical allergies

After attending an amazing panel of speakers event on allergies, I’ve been planning better.

Thanks to FARE – food allergy research education, professionals Dr Hernandez Trujillo ( Nicklaus Children’s Health system Miami) and Dr Julie Wang ( Mount Sinai Hospital) Pediatric Allergists. and a parent with personal stories of her child with life threatening allergies I decided to take action on testing all levels of V & K’s peanut allergies as well as having my 19 month old tested.

As you already know the girls are always attending events and cooking is one of their favorite things to do. We never fuss over ingredients and rarely share the fact that they are allergic to peanuts unless it’s an obvious peanut dish. This has always been a practice for us since they were 2 years old, aware and able to ask of a food contained peanuts.

Now, how did we find out about their allergies? It was quite scary.

I had taken the girls to lunch with a friend. While waiting for our food they began to snack on the peanuts at the table. We made it through lunch fine and they even napped on the car ride home. Well, as soon as I turned the car off and they began to wake, so did the projectile vomit Times 2. The scene was gruesome but hey, clean up is part of a normal day. The scary part was that something went wrong and my two daughters were both sick at the same time. As an intuitive mom, I immediately visited the doctor to find out that it was an allergic reaction to peanuts.

I noticed that we continue to avoid all contact with peanuts for Bash as well, for fear that he is also allergic.

This is where the dream team panel comes in… I was informed that it’s best to feed your little ones as much as possible from birth – 4 years. Introducing them to all foods as soon as they’re able to sit up and swallow with spoon feeding. There’s a 129.8% increase in emergency room visits for anaphylaxis to food allergy among children 4 years and younger. There actually isn’t any hard data stating that children should not be introduced to certain foods early on. It was recommended that the best age to begin is 4-6 months.

This is where the new Auvi Q prescription medicine used to treat life threatening allergic reactions come in.

This new device may look identical to the original Auvi Q.

YES quite IDENTICAL just like our allergies…..could it be a twin?!!

Actually, the new FDA approved injector is made purposefully for smaller children between the weight of 16.5 – 33 lbs; and it’s easy to use.

Early education on your babies healthy is always a great solution. We recommend an office testing visit to avoid the twin traumatic car scene we experienced.