Here are your first healthy, fun and stylish steps to prepping for the holidays from MTNightout3

If you’ve ever looked through the pages of Parents Magazine , Parents Latina, family fun and other amazing editorial magazines that bring you bright photos of products and brands you’re going to love what’s new for the holiday and beyond.

After attending a hosted event for moms curated by our friends at momtrends. I’m sharing how I experienced a list of brands in real life just to bring you a moms influential insight on some goodness you will love!

Now of course if you’re a parent you know that the start of school and change of seasons bring on sicknesses and the FLU. Well BoironUSA introduces us parents to more healthy days and less sick days with their homeopathic medicines. Boiron medicines do not contain any of the ingredients questioned by FDA for use in children under 4. They’re best know for the top selling flu medicine Oscillococcinum and the line of cough and cold relief medicines including chestal and cold calm. *We all know that it’s that time of year.

When you’re on a roll to happy healthy holidays you want to do it in style this is where JCPenney steps in. They have just launched a new lifestyle brand : Peyton & Parker. You can get your hands on the amazing new brand by shopping the store exclusively or on line Peyton & Parker by JCP

I’m personally in love with home decor and even enjoy adding the kiddos toys (because it is a part of our lifestyle) into the homes setting, which is why are our go to for quality, sustainability, fun, learning and style. It is actually the world leader in innovative educational products that enrich your child’s development. We’re especially highlighting the electronic learning products that include baby walk alongs to the KidiZoom Smart watch DX2 for holiday gifting.

Fun and play is always great but with holiday fun also comes lots of family outings and delicious food. If your babes are eating meals they’re probably exposed to different foods and textures. It’s recommended to introduce them to a probiotic that will reduce fussiness due to occasional digestive upset while developing a healthy digestive and immune system; which is where comes in.

Culturelle is a pediatrician recommended brand based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a kids probiotic brand. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat , cure or prevent any disease, but contain safe and gentle ingredients that work naturally with your baby’s body.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration.

This post is sponsored by MOMTRENDS

Pop sugar: the new playground event for all pop culture lovers

I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since we’ve walked the pop sugar playground floors. The 2 full days of pop sugar culture was amazing.

For me it brought the Pop Sugar brand to life! There was a complete umbrella of amazing talent who make our lives in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and social so much more reachable. The roster of talent included musicians, comedians (women), actresses and boss women in business. Gracing the floors of pop sugar meant that all of this experience was tangible.

V & K, my twin doll sidekicks attended and were ecstatic. We learned How to properly slide down into a ball pit and spin the wheel of luck sponsored by Kohl’s .

They were super lucky and made a double win!!

I walked away from the 2 day event with insights on growth in pop culture, what’s trending as well as a huge amount of inspiration.

My favorite part about attending empowering events such as this, is the meeting of the awesome new brands, creative people behind them and the take away experience that can be used within my own business and lifestyle.

Here are a few links to new brands that we’ve come to know and love ❤️

UR Bath ad Body co


100% Pure

3 HOT NEW products we love from the NY Baby show

This is our 3rd year attending the NY baby show and every year it gets better and better!

This year V & K were well equipped with knowledge on what Bash enjoys, what our audience loves and where to find things that would interest them as well. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this show.

We entered the venue and immediately checked in with our friends from Mom trends at the blogger lounge. We got our map, ate a little lunch; catered by Boston Market and headed out to the floor.

There’s always so much to see and amazing informative panelists speaking about parenthood, secret hacks and new products. We were sure to take a listen in while Twiniversity expert Natalie Diaz took the stage.

We mapped out our day from panelist speaking to the media lounge with the first of our favorite companies Babo Botanicals .

They are creating products that are reef safe. From amazing tinted spf sunscreen to skin cream with ingredients to help you get a handle on your eczema; all with natural delicious scents.

Note: we weren’t the only ones with our day strategically mapped out. There were some 3rd trimester mamas with checklists in their hands. It’s very important to be prepared, when you’re walking a venue this big and fun.

After visiting a few brands in the search of essentials for babies, toddlers and above we were so pleased with Stuck on you ! Our second favorite brand in attendance at the NY Baby Show was an easy selection. With V & K getting ready for summer camp; we needed to a few labeling accessories and boxes for snack. The durable bento box made by Stuck on You is so trendy with his cover designs “unicorns” and more, along with its compartments will make lunch packing easier than ever!

Third on our Lovers list includes something special for nursing moms. The yummy secret behind the recommendation to eat oatmeal and ingredients found in Beer have come together in a delicious cookie recipe by Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix ! We ALL tested a cookie and approved the yummy-ness; but validation was approved when milk was present for Bash. Many nursing moms may have tried the two foods or drinks separate for assisting with milk production but a yummy cookie treat can do the quick trick.

After a fun day at the NY Baby show we couldn’t wait to share our favorite top 3 hot brands and products we’ve discovered along with the many reasons why the event is for everyone learning and experiencing the joys of parent hood including the kiddos. The top 3 selections were choices and opinions of my own and we hope you’ll consider trying for yourselves.

How we plan on handling our identical allergies

After attending an amazing panel of speakers event on allergies, I’ve been planning better.

Thanks to FARE – food allergy research education, professionals Dr Hernandez Trujillo ( Nicklaus Children’s Health system Miami) and Dr Julie Wang ( Mount Sinai Hospital) Pediatric Allergists. and a parent with personal stories of her child with life threatening allergies I decided to take action on testing all levels of V & K’s peanut allergies as well as having my 19 month old tested.

As you already know the girls are always attending events and cooking is one of their favorite things to do. We never fuss over ingredients and rarely share the fact that they are allergic to peanuts unless it’s an obvious peanut dish. This has always been a practice for us since they were 2 years old, aware and able to ask of a food contained peanuts.

Now, how did we find out about their allergies? It was quite scary.

I had taken the girls to lunch with a friend. While waiting for our food they began to snack on the peanuts at the table. We made it through lunch fine and they even napped on the car ride home. Well, as soon as I turned the car off and they began to wake, so did the projectile vomit Times 2. The scene was gruesome but hey, clean up is part of a normal day. The scary part was that something went wrong and my two daughters were both sick at the same time. As an intuitive mom, I immediately visited the doctor to find out that it was an allergic reaction to peanuts.

I noticed that we continue to avoid all contact with peanuts for Bash as well, for fear that he is also allergic.

This is where the dream team panel comes in… I was informed that it’s best to feed your little ones as much as possible from birth – 4 years. Introducing them to all foods as soon as they’re able to sit up and swallow with spoon feeding. There’s a 129.8% increase in emergency room visits for anaphylaxis to food allergy among children 4 years and younger. There actually isn’t any hard data stating that children should not be introduced to certain foods early on. It was recommended that the best age to begin is 4-6 months.

This is where the new Auvi Q prescription medicine used to treat life threatening allergic reactions come in.

This new device may look identical to the original Auvi Q.

YES quite IDENTICAL just like our allergies…..could it be a twin?!!

Actually, the new FDA approved injector is made purposefully for smaller children between the weight of 16.5 – 33 lbs; and it’s easy to use.

Early education on your babies healthy is always a great solution. We recommend an office testing visit to avoid the twin traumatic car scene we experienced.

Why I chose Zahler Vitamins as a nursing mom

As a mom of 3, I have to keep up with a lot of energy. At the same time; as a nursing mom most of my vitamins are released in breast milk. When I became pregnant with the twins the hospital was my residence most of time. I didn’t really have a choice on vitamin and self health choices because I had round the clock care provided by nurses. However when I became pregnant with Bash I was excited to experience a healthier pregnancy. It felt as if I was doing it for the first time the way I thought it was supposed to be done. I researched the best vitamins, foods, nutrients and long term self care for successful production while nursing.

Zahler Prenatal + DHA 300 includes 25 vitamins and nutrients plus 300 mg DHA (gluten free) requiring only 2 soft gels per day to increase your health as well as your babies during pregnancy.

My reasoning for sharing this Vitamin supplement is because most moms feel as if they should not continue taking prenatal after giving birth to their baby(s) but the truth is continuing those vitamins only helps. I remember during my 6 month visit to the doctor after having the twins, I complained of hair loss and excessive tiredness. Besides the obvious reasons, my vitamin A, C, D Calcium and Iron was extremely low. Once again we live and learn and that is one mistake I vowed not to repeat.

Zahler nutrition is based on plant based growth to daily lifestyles; bringing natural vitamins to your body from the earth.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. The products above were provided. All statements within this article are my honest opinion and personal experiences of my own.

3 New Brands to love from the NY Baby show

Did you ever think about preparing for your baby during pregnancy by attending a show? Or how about preparing for your babies next stage by listening in on a panel of specialists? Well, that’s what the New York Baby show is all about!

We were excited to attend the baby show this year, with baby Bash in tow.  A little different from last years mission, but there was another mission to be accomplished …. and will continue to be as we learn more at each amazing baby show.

This year we worked the floor in search of some of our favorite things for baby and parents. I had the privilege of being lead by my 10 month old and his love for food.  He has just began to eat different foods and as they’re introduced to his sweet little palette he has not met a food that he didn’t like so far.

Our favorite brands from the show included two baby food companies. One based in Brooklyn NY; first spoons

-“First Spoons” are cooking up organic natural chicken nuggets made with vegetables at the softest texture.  I was able to allow Bash to handle the small pieces himself and let his 4 little teeth do all of the work.  The  other baby food company we loved is based on a sweet little farm.

-Bash tested “Once upon a farm” a live video taping with Mary of Downtownchicmoms hosted by momtrends in the blogger lounge..

Of course we also had V & K in mind, because as stated before… the show is for all stages of parent and childhood.

-The brand “Stuck on you” was a perfect fit for us! As you may know having g/g twins can be a challenge when they have the same likes and dislikes.  Our favorite item from the brand was the PERSONALIZED snack box. Not only is it beautifully designed with your name ….which is a must for most siblings, but it also teaches major food groups within the washable, removable tray.

Celebrate Pink for the month of October

All things pink make most girls happy! Pink cupcakes, pink nails, pink dresses that twirl.. The Breast cancer awareness organization got it right with the color selection and we are happy to celebrate this month by Enjoying all things Pink :):) We would like to show all Breast cancer survivors and angels that we support Pink this month (especially) by giving a 15% discount to all customers that purchase PINk! We’re at ~USE CODE (save pink) at checkout :):) xo V & K