Here are your first healthy, fun and stylish steps to prepping for the holidays from MTNightout3

If you’ve ever looked through the pages of Parents Magazine , Parents Latina, family fun and other amazing editorial magazines that bring you bright photos of products and brands you’re going to love what’s new for the holiday and beyond.

After attending a hosted event for moms curated by our friends at momtrends. I’m sharing how I experienced a list of brands in real life just to bring you a moms influential insight on some goodness you will love!

Now of course if you’re a parent you know that the start of school and change of seasons bring on sicknesses and the FLU. Well BoironUSA introduces us parents to more healthy days and less sick days with their homeopathic medicines. Boiron medicines do not contain any of the ingredients questioned by FDA for use in children under 4. They’re best know for the top selling flu medicine Oscillococcinum and the line of cough and cold relief medicines including chestal and cold calm. *We all know that it’s that time of year.

When you’re on a roll to happy healthy holidays you want to do it in style this is where JCPenney steps in. They have just launched a new lifestyle brand : Peyton & Parker. You can get your hands on the amazing new brand by shopping the store exclusively or on line Peyton & Parker by JCP

I’m personally in love with home decor and even enjoy adding the kiddos toys (because it is a part of our lifestyle) into the homes setting, which is why are our go to for quality, sustainability, fun, learning and style. It is actually the world leader in innovative educational products that enrich your child’s development. We’re especially highlighting the electronic learning products that include baby walk alongs to the KidiZoom Smart watch DX2 for holiday gifting.

Fun and play is always great but with holiday fun also comes lots of family outings and delicious food. If your babes are eating meals they’re probably exposed to different foods and textures. It’s recommended to introduce them to a probiotic that will reduce fussiness due to occasional digestive upset while developing a healthy digestive and immune system; which is where comes in.

Culturelle is a pediatrician recommended brand based on a 2016 survey among pediatricians recommending a kids probiotic brand. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat , cure or prevent any disease, but contain safe and gentle ingredients that work naturally with your baby’s body.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration.

This post is sponsored by MOMTRENDS

We found Santa at Sahara Sams

Have you ever wondered if Santa has any days off once he leaves the north pole for the holiday season?

Well we not only figured out that he does have days off, but we also found him at one of his favorite places! Santa loves the Sahara Sams! Here

Yes we took a trip to Sahara Sams and found Santa in the pool. We had breakfast with Santa, enjoyed swimming and sliding down the slides with Santa. We even enjoyed sitting in the Adirondack chairs in the middle of the warmest pool area in New Jersey during the winter season.

Sahara Sams welcomes you with a delicious breakfast with Santa and opportunity to take pictures and chat about how wonderful it is to be on the NICE list.

Santa will be spending his weekend at Sahara Sams until December 23, 2017 9-10 am. Throughout the day you can swim around and enjoy interactions while he’s there.

We loved this experience so much during the holiday season. Vittoria actually gained the courage to slide down a tube slide, splash into a pool of water and swimming her way out on this trip….. day made!


This is how we roll in the holidays!

The holidays are approaching fast; are you ready?!

As a mom who has the job of starting off the holidays by hosting Thanksgiving dinner I was super excited to get in the spirit by attending Momtrends holiday soirée.

The beautiful hosts pictured here by the Oventure tree, and styled by Cents of style…. (just one of the fabulous brands in attendance)

organized an event for us Mom and Lifestyle Bloggers to get our gifting ideas in gear. All guests were greeted at entry with gift bags that were made to fill as we visited each brands table.

There are so many holiday gifting ideas that are available for everyone and offered by these brands. I enjoyed meeting the reps personally as I visited each table. I also loved participating in fun challenges such as the Riders by Leestyle challenge

and the create your own cheese platter at Jalsberg .

It wouldn’t be a fun moms night out without a delicious glass of wine in hand as you walked the room. Noble Wines display of sweet, delectable wines were in attendance doing just so!

It wouldn’t be a night of holiday cheer without giving back. This is why every guest in attendance donated a toy or two to Second Chance Toys .

Well, Now that we’re all geared up and full of ways to share something new with our friends and family …. let the holidays begin!

Some of the amazing brands listed here will help you get your holidays in order as well..

Name BubblesPearheadBoxed WaterRed Velvet NYCManiorPediLiving proof incAtmosfxKidzbopThimblepressHasbro

TwinDollicious NY in December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It has truly been a season of giving, and if you’re reading this Id like for you to think of all of the things you may have given to others …. It counts. Food drives, coat drives, toy drives and sending gifts to loved ones ALL count as a gift of giving when it’s from the heart.  

 We have been spending our time doing all of the above as well as taking time to enjoy family and friends! Our holiday goodies and dress selections  have kept us in Santa shipping mode but a quick trip out to enjoy this awesome NY weather helps with all the reason to believe in miracles.  (This weather IS quite miraculous!!) 

We have our last event of the year on December 19th at the Country Mouse boutique located at 570 Forest Avenue, Staten Island NY starting at 11:00 am and we will continue to give surprises to all of the kiddies who attend. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see the smiles of the child receiving as well as the child that is giving.  

For reservation information contact:  718/273-1842

Hope to see you there! 


Holiday Traditions

As the third year of having a family sets in, we’ve realized that these little personalities are rubbing off in us… Or the other way around. The last on the list of our favorite things for the holidays is family traditions. We have continued to bring a pine smelling tree into our home, despite the thorny needles that have spread further throughout the house. We have created a gingerbread house making fun into a competition (thanks to mom and dad) and continue to make holiday reminder pancakes in the morning.
This year we visited a tree farm in NJ. After hours of reading about the spiders that may come home with you, we still brought it home. It was a huge family effort to cut down that tree with the four of us practically under it and grandma standing by to record. There was a little blood, lots of laughs and a huge Grizwald tree atop my mini car.
For our gingerbread house making we purchased two, with the thoughts that the girls would enjoy their own end results of a project. However our #trader joe gingerbread house packages turned into build a brick home for a family competition :). Our last tradition which I completely love is making holiday pancakes. I’ve only mastered making Rudolph, but also add frosty and Santa on other days.
~ Rudolph pancakes: include 1 big round pancake, 1 smaller pancake on top, 2 little tiny pancakes on each side, turkey bacon for antlers, blueberry eyes on top of a spot of butter and raspberry nose.
Happy Holidays :):) !!






DIY Photography: Are a few of our favorite things

Taking photos of our children is always fun to do, especially when there a professional touch to it. As we all wish that we had that photographers eye, perfect camera and scenery it isn’t always the case . As we’re counting the days til Christmas, we have added a photo tip from our great photographer friends. The magic DIY to a perfect photo whether using your wonderful iPhone or digital camera is lighting. Lighting, Lighting an more Lighting! Lighting can come from a white piece of paper for a clean slate background to a white wall. Additional lighting can be added by reflecting a light onto the back board of the object or person. We have added a few photos with extra cute lighting along with a natural editing classics black and white image to show what a simple DIY trick can do. Twindollicious has teamed up with Cate Scaglione photography on Facebook to celebrate the holiday with a wonderful giveaway. Please like her page and follow the steps to enter. Maybe you could be the lucky winner of what’s inside of this beautiful package.



Counting up our Thankful days

So sleep was not a priority last night, but I’m working on it. I spent the night and day packaging for zulily. In the midst night I felt thankful that the company loved our brand so much, they decided to run another event. I’m most appreciative for the many buyers mommas and poppas that enjoy dressing their princesses in our tutu style dresses. Jokingly I’m grateful for Coffee; which has helped me through this day in continuing to be a happy mom capturing those precious moments. Moments that come together when creating our stories :):)