Hello 2019 the transition is real

This is our first post for 2019 so Happy New Year to everyone!

This year I did not intend on making any resolutions but if you read our previous post you may know that I do believe in reflection to learn and manifest better for the years to come.

As fun changes are well underway in how we interact on our Site and Social we continue to strive in building this TwinDollicious & co community with products and brands that excite us all.

The new year has brought about a stage of limbo . I say this from a personal standpoint, yet I am sharing 1 takeaway from this moment for any mommas and their babies who may (or may not be for the baby) be ready to stop nursing and move on to the next stage of your bonding experience as a parent.

(Call him Warrior of the mustard seeds)

Trying Almond Milk in the nipple replicated designed bottle: Tommee Tippee

After a complete 7 days of walking around smelling like mustard seed; which I found in our cupboard and decided to put on . I can say that it has been a struggle. This idea of applying something to my little ones supply of comfort and nutrition began to cross my mind a few months ago, but I told myself it wasn’t time. Now as we all know it’s never a perfect time to do anything… well sometimes. However I tried the method of comparing my experience with the twins to mentally compare and prep myself on those terms. You see nursing twins for 2 + years seemed hard , but all children nurse differently. I remember the girls weening easily, then understanding that leche (milk) was going to be done so. However with Bash, the mention of “no more leche” seemed to make him want more. The increase of feedings became harder during the day. There were times when he was so tired and insisted on feeding while I was driving, just to fall asleep which may have led us to this very moment.

(Current Tired mama moment)

At this very moment I believe that I may have slept a total of 18 hours in 7 days. Though he’d rather not have mustard seeds in his mouth, he is having a problem with regulating himself. When tired during the day, he moans or becomes cranky if I am around. When he is with his sitter he is able to catch up on his sleep. Otherwise he is up at all hours of the night, with loads of energy until he knocks himself out because he cannot find the comfort again.

Why do we as humans seek comfort in things? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself as I try to find a way to help this transition become manageable. Does comfort make us complacent? Does it stop us from growing and move out of that stage of limbo?

It’s Q1 of a new year and with the spontaneous decision to be done with nursing I’m open to more spontaneity of crushing goals, & embracing things that I hadn’t plan to tackle yet. – I CHALLENGE you to try it too!

🔑: Though it may be hard try to always smile through those challenges.

As a mom I’m here mentally and physically to help with his transition as well as my own. He is my last little baby and the thought of this change makes it all real. The comfort he seeks I plan to embrace the best way I know….. right now it’s with lots of hugs and kisses

Why I chose Zahler Vitamins as a nursing mom

As a mom of 3, I have to keep up with a lot of energy. At the same time; as a nursing mom most of my vitamins are released in breast milk. When I became pregnant with the twins the hospital was my residence most of time. I didn’t really have a choice on vitamin and self health choices because I had round the clock care provided by nurses. However when I became pregnant with Bash I was excited to experience a healthier pregnancy. It felt as if I was doing it for the first time the way I thought it was supposed to be done. I researched the best vitamins, foods, nutrients and long term self care for successful production while nursing.

Zahler Prenatal + DHA 300 includes 25 vitamins and nutrients plus 300 mg DHA (gluten free) requiring only 2 soft gels per day to increase your health as well as your babies during pregnancy.

My reasoning for sharing this Vitamin supplement is because most moms feel as if they should not continue taking prenatal after giving birth to their baby(s) but the truth is continuing those vitamins only helps. I remember during my 6 month visit to the doctor after having the twins, I complained of hair loss and excessive tiredness. Besides the obvious reasons, my vitamin A, C, D Calcium and Iron was extremely low. Once again we live and learn and that is one mistake I vowed not to repeat.

Zahler nutrition is based on plant based growth to daily lifestyles; bringing natural vitamins to your body from the earth.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. The products above were provided. All statements within this article are my honest opinion and personal experiences of my own.

Moments of feeling Thankful

It feels like I have not visited the blog in months, but I guess thats what time does to you when you’re taking up more than 24 hours in the day. Which happens quite often here at the Twindollicious headquarters. This week we will try to appreciate the 24 hours in the day by resting more and counting our blessings on the fantastic 10 days prior. We will do this by posting things we are Thankful For one day at a time until “Thanksgiving” Thursday! I experienced an empowering moment while attending the star showers event last week; hosted by The Moms to honor Daphney Oz. The White Ribbon Alliance founders were there to enlighten us on birth and pregnancy in other countries. Most countries do not have medical facilities to ensure a healthy, clean birth. Most of the time women are not healthy enough to make it through birth or a termed pregnancy. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to donate, hear other birthing stories and remember my personal 24 weeks of bed rest pregnancy. Feeling thankful takes moments like these and seconds of reflection. Todays thanks go to my two girls who have organically made me a stronger person to fulfill a dream I’ve always had as a child. It must be true when said that having children brings out the inner child in yourself.




Nursing for two

Over the weekend the girls, my husband and I went to a birthday party. There were family, friends, babies, etc..etc. The parents of babies and toddlers were on mommy and daddy patrol, children were having fun, adults were eating and relaxing, mommies were nursing. I happen to be in the middle of my aunt and cousin nursing with of course people around us when my aunt notices what is going on underneath the nursing coverup. She states how cool it is and then looks at me and says oh you have to see Natasha nursing the both of them. She continues to describe how they position themselves and blah blah blah… But then I start with what I now think was tmi..oops. I happened to mention how my husband was on a health kick and wanted to have some pumped for his smoothies. Everyone seemed to laugh. Besides that nursing is the best thing that any mom can do for their child. If you are living a healthy life from the time of conception to after birth why not share it with your child. We are the only animals that are born to drinking artificial products to drinking milk from another animal. It only helps to start a new health life. When will the nursing end, that I don’t know ;).