Mommy not referee

When you become a mom you prepare yourself for the job of wearing multiples hats but referee is one that you probably don’t want to wear. 

Sure we have our days but when you’re bonded with sibling love they will naturally find themselves in a better stance …. yet always side by side. 

Photo credits to photographers @Perelaphotography 


Love is taught and so is fashion!

We spent part of our Valentines shooting “Kids couch” coming to a youtube channel near you :))

~ We’re sharing our DIY way of making TwinDollicious tutu skirts as we do at Author events and designing boutique pop ups.

And took a few selfies while waiting.





About Two Girls

As we say hello to 2015 we begin to reflect on our goals, what we have done to achieve them and what we plan to do to continue accomplishing them. When this editorial about TwinDollicious and our personal story was featured in CupCake Magazine I couldn’t appreciate it more. It clearly stamps our journey and fuels fire to cross off those future goals as we continue to achieve them.

As the girls are now 4 years old and realize what we have been doing all this time. I now hear them say “we are TwinDollicious sisters” ~ and my heart melts, on how much they love each other so.

Rosette Dress


Extra Extra Read All About It! We’re Turning 1

With July approaching oh so fast, I had to share my gratitude and excitement with my blog friends and family for making this year a pleasant surprise. I decided to write a children’s book in May 2012 based on my inspirational twin girls relationship that they have with each other. I imagined most of it, being they were only 1 years old. But a mom can dream up how they’d want their children to be right?! I had written down so many real life funny things and stories that I decided to start a blog and add images of all things Twindollicious; with fashion and hairbows at the front lines. We now have over 2,000 new friends that I would love to meet , but we’ll discuss the road trip,”Meet Twindollicious Campaign” soon…do stay tuned. To celebrate our 1 year of blogging success with more to come in the Twindollicious World I will be adding images that are near and dear to us as well as updates, events and campaign book info for
to hopefully meet our new friends soon.
In the meantime, please enjoy this write up/release of our story