Annual twins fest extravaganza! 

Another year of fun and we can’t believe that it’s already over! Twinsfest that is! 

V & K truly enjoyed their time at twins fest this year; so much so they wished it would never end. We packed up our whole family including grandma for this adventure… through rain, across the mountains to Twinsburg, Ohio, where we rekindled with friends from as far as Australia to our home town of NY. 

“TwinDollicious summer camp here we come” made it to our warehouse just in time to share the new story with all of our friends.  They have been waiting for this sibling loved series and the next chapter of V & K’s adventures; and we were ecstatic to Share! 

There are always amazing and interesting people attending the fest and this year Siamese twin brothers aged 65 attended for the first time. Though the brothers live pretty close by it was their first year attending.. They were happy to be there and happily took photos with other sets of multiples. Brothers Ronnie and Donnie are in the Guinness book of world record as of two years ago. They worked in the circus up until 1991 when schools would not allow them to attend.  I’m pretty sure that all of the twins welcomed them to their happy place and made them feel at home so much so that they will make this an annual tradition for themselves as well. 

Our little mascot enjoyed every bit of his first year at Twinsfest as well.  He found a comfortable seat in the game day walk about while numerous chauffeurs towed him around and enjoyed their own test runs during the annual parade.


This year marks the first bbnyc Blogger bash NYC for Bash! It was quite different having a singleton on arm to mingle,  meet new brands and learn all about the fun new products happening at sweet suite 17 but at the same time he was the perfect little personality to have accompany me. 

We visited Zulily’s photo shoot booth; which included bubbles and fun photographers. I love how they were able to be apart of suite sweet for everyone. 

Now….. throughout this huge area at the piers we scope out some of our favorite things that I’d like to share. 

1. ✨Simplay3 the brand that started tikes; ride alongs , durable amazing products have now started the next stage of baby gear. We are in love with everything featured at BBNYC (especially the helmet ride along)  and know that there are more things to come. ✨

2. We had to visit V & K’s favorite snack pops booth we know that all sugar can be created equal but yum earths pops get a pass especially when they’re incorporating other nutritious snacks for your kiddies.

3. Was listed as one of the top choices to visit for bags and lunch boxes. I was so happy that we were able to visit them and learn more about their mission.  Backpacks that embrace the imagination and give back. 

4. Was loaded with fun reps in butterfly floaters and emoji madness! We loved them so much we had to share with an unboxing clip. 

5. Saving the best for last because as a mom of 3 you never know when you’re going to have to make your own anything or mend something quickly.  This is where the 3doodler comes in. Three D Perfection! 

We will be sharing more fun things that sweet suite had to offer! So much 2 share 

Summer weekend travels

Slow down summer!  Though it has been 3 plus weeks since school ended, just the thought of packing away our summer styles and prepping for the cold scares the hee bee gee bees out of me. 

We’ve been taking it as slow as we can between summer camp and our weekend getaways we are soaking up all of the sun we can to fulfill our vitamin D needs. 

With 3 kids in tow we planned to visit some historical sites within driving distance. An 8-10 hour drive may sound like much but we’ve survived 16; now that’s serious. We chose Saratoga/Lake George as our first weekend getaway. We usually visit Martha’sVineyard  but decided to go with a group of our family members and learn about upstate NY. The kids couldn’t get enough of the horses at Bennington Farms, Martha’s Creme for ice cream, Congress park’s Carousel, of course the lake and did I mention the ice cream 🍦. 

As if that adventure wasnt enough we were brave enough to do it again….and many more times to come of course. But, traveling down south to VA to visit family was both nostalgic and educational once again. 

We stopped at chincoteague beach where the wild horses run and the famous story of misty originated.  The kiddies enjoyed one beautiful horse after another with an added touch of beach of course. We enjoyed our stay at a quaint Refuge Inn…. super kid friendly; just what we like! 


Moms Choice!!

I am so excited to share that “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious” has received a moms choice golden seal award for children’s book with values and life lessons. This story and every story that follows will express lessons to children. I would love for everyone to share the stories of Twindollicious sisters as my mission to embrace motherhood, education, fun, nurturing and growth continues. Doing the Celebration dance!


Extra Extra Read All About It! We’re Turning 1

With July approaching oh so fast, I had to share my gratitude and excitement with my blog friends and family for making this year a pleasant surprise. I decided to write a children’s book in May 2012 based on my inspirational twin girls relationship that they have with each other. I imagined most of it, being they were only 1 years old. But a mom can dream up how they’d want their children to be right?! I had written down so many real life funny things and stories that I decided to start a blog and add images of all things Twindollicious; with fashion and hairbows at the front lines. We now have over 2,000 new friends that I would love to meet , but we’ll discuss the road trip,”Meet Twindollicious Campaign” soon…do stay tuned. To celebrate our 1 year of blogging success with more to come in the Twindollicious World I will be adding images that are near and dear to us as well as updates, events and campaign book info for
to hopefully meet our new friends soon.
In the meantime, please enjoy this write up/release of our story


Rain Boots and Umbrellas are on the Fashion Forecast

Spring is here, yippie!!! Yippie! A word that is used very often in my house and is now rubbing off on me. We have been picking and choosing all of our favorite colors and fashion combinations for the spring but forgot that April showers bring May flowers and now have to worry about our rain gear accessories first. Today we are enjoying the rain with our hatley umbrellas; lady bugs and frogs are on the forecast. A touch of patent knee high rain boots, to cover our for all mankind skinny jeans and cotton t’s with 3D bows… Which can be found in our Twindollicious shop. 🙂 🙂



Patience and Creative overload

Twindollicious is in creative overload mode! I have officially opened an etsy account ||twindollicious.etsy|| and began building this two of a kind doll like fashion for girls two pieces at a time. I guess its the wait for the release of the “Twindollicious” first series picture book; “Violet and Kelly are Twindollicious” and the possible title changes that has me in complete dress design, creative overload. Why sit around and wait when something else so twindollicious could be trending. As the older and wiser say never let the grass grow under your feet.