How to get ready for your holiday soirées

Leading up to the holiday can be the most fun of all!

The parties, the planning, the shopping, the mingling, its all the happy necessities of the holiday season.

After receiving an invitation to the MOMTRENDS holiday soirée I immediately thought “what will I wear?” This was just the beginning of the holiday festivities with friends.


The #MTHolidaysoiree hosted by momtrends gets better by the years and because us women love an excuse to get glamorous. I began prepping for the festive night with a pre event blowout at the Worth Street, NYC location of Glamandgo. I am always impressed by the service and time management used to make clients feel and look glamorous, along with the out the door tips to long lasting blowout.

Next major preparation was NAILS of course!

Do any of you Dolls add holiday cheer to your nails?

I, along with V & K enjoyed a manicure by GlossLab ! The NYC trendy salon has a vibe that is kid friendly and relaxing for everyone, including my lap buddy BASH. I chose a matte, charcoal polish that lasted longer than any manicure I’ve had.

While the girls chose emoji and unicorn polish just for kids from the mini polish bar and service…. Prices are just $10 to make them feel just as gorgeous. The topper is the message your manicurist gives while you’re drying, which I along with the two 7 year olds enjoyed very much!

Now for the styling! I truly wanted to feel festive and with the help of Cabi ‘s selection of styles I found the Celebration jacket to be a perfect fit! The vibrant red was contagious and perfect for the holiday soirée!

A standout accessory is always needed to tie the look together and this is where MarciaMoran jewelry took the lead. I wore the Carthay earrings : a stunningly designed earring that drops just below the neckline.

The MTHolidaysoiree took place at Sugar Cane Raw Bar Grill the perfect setting for dinner and cocktails. There’s an intimate area that is set in the back of the restaurant to host your most fabulous holiday party; with smashing views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge ; in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Table settings were extra festive and personal thanks to Tighemi ( A Moroccan artiSian home and accessory collection) , Mabel’s Labels and EOcreativeworks . It included just the right amount of festive color with the sweet introduction to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

It wouldn’t be a holiday soirée without gift giving so each attendee received a gorgeous sac from “EOcreativeworks” filled with goodies. If you’re just receiving those holiday party invites or looking to host try choosing some of the listed brands above for style, gift ideas, decor and location.

Happy Holidays!! We’re just getting started 🎉🎁


Our NEW go to brand for home decor and style for the family is at JCPENNEY

Over the weekend a big thing happened at JC Penney and I’m bringing the good to you!

An exclusive brand for JCPenney has been curated into a collection of classic styles to mix and match for the entire family and the home.

This super exciting brand is called Peyton & Parker!

For me as a one stop shopper and style lover this is game changer especially during the holiday season.

Peyton & Parker is the photo ready collection that is perfect for coordinating a style or home decor with perfect mix and match pieces. It’s NOW possible to even bring the photo studio to your home for the holidays for some real life shots…. just the way we love!

I had the privilege of trying out the new brand in a style challenge and couldn’t find a piece I didn’t love; so much so that I did some boys styling and the whole family. This sweater has actually just made my wish list.

The new lifestyle brand is designed entirely by the in-house design team at JCPenney and sold exclusively at their stores and online. It’s truly a moms dream come true.

Peyton & Parker is now available to make instagramable moments real and simple for you and yours.

This post is sponsored by MOMTRENDS

I didn’t realize how special V & K’s first holy communion would be until…

Over the weekend V & K celebrated their first holy communion. They’ve worked hard every Sunday; waking at 7:45 to get to church by 8:30 ( sometimes 9) but barely missing any class ever.

They made new friends learned all about the saints and penance, in such a mature way. There was never a question of fear or doubt, just gaining faith in the religion and within themselves.

Somehow a smart person within the arch diocese figured that 7/8 is the mature age to speak about religion, life , living and death outside of the home and I personally appreciate that – thank you!

I try to cover all subject possible with the kiddos but if our village is responsible and experienced at it, I will allow the guidance.

To prepare for this big day V & K visited our friends over at the Country Mouse boutique in (Forest Avenue)Staten Island, N.Y. for their one of a kind, designed dresses. We enjoyed a day of fitting in fun in the store to finally pin point out the crystals, lace and perfect amount of tulle for their dresses.

The girls had rehearsed numerous ones daily, with and without teaching Bash how to hold his hands in prayer and walk down the aisle. They were ready!

The morning started off great, the rain never showed its face – sunshine all day!

This sweet video shows just how much they’ve enjoyed this process.


We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Through it all they were able to enjoy this experience together and embrace this #TwinDollicious bond!

V & K sharing their special cake to celebrate their first holy communion together.

Our adventurous Midwinter break staycation

What is a staycation?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term used loosely many a time. This could be because many people have different definitions of what a staycation is. We define a staycation as a time spent at home without obligations, schedules and deadlines just to catch up on things that we’d like to do for fun, maybe time to lounge and sleep in and definitely enjoy the goodness of our city.

In the case of our Twindollicious crew; we made sure to get out and enjoy the Spring teaser weather during our Winter break staycation.

We visited the Brooklyn Botanical gardens for a magical scavenger hunt throughout the gardens. This fun day was hosted by our friends at Mommynearest. The kids were able plant a Paperwhite to take home.. we can’t wait to share the progress and growth :):)

Our next adventure included a Day in Times Square in the heart of the big apple at the NatGeoEncounter ! The kiddos were all able to enjoy an interactive experience of 3D underwater activities along with an opportunity to be on a big Billboard in Timesquare.

V & K also learned a new skill during their vacation; which is so fitting to their personalities. We were given the opportunity to create an animation video provided by Goldfish . The girls create not one but 2 scenes of interactive moving goldfish.

1 the first creation included V & K as chefs prepping a goldfish meal for themselves when a sneaky puppy comes along to enjoy the meal. TwinDolliciousInstagram (shared here on Instagram)

2. The second creation included a goldfish parade, with confetti and moving floats.

It was so great to help support the NY International Children’s Film Festival. The children enjoyed 13 short films created by artists. After each film ballots were filled to rate their favorite films. It is always amazing to be able to surround children with art and culture.


We enjoyed sharing our top Staycation choices. If Grandmas house in PA was option we would link ticket info to that show; but til next time we hope you’ll take a visit to some of our favorite places during your visit or staycation in NYC.

Please enjoy a way to melt away the boredom with this fun Snowman maze worksheet. For more engaging learning activities, go to!

We were excited to partner with them in order to bring our little readers some fun!

TwinDollicious Holiday Gift Guide

Yay! The holiday season has begun!

One down and more to come!

We love this time of year because not only do we begin preparation for Birthday festivities but we began hunting for the most awesome gift ideas for V & K and now Bash!

This year we’re bringing you a holiday haul gift guide that includes gifts that not only the children will love but the parents will love even more! Win/Win 💯

We have spent the past few months attending events and meeting new brands just to build this list of the SUPER 6.

  1. Simplay3 : Water and Sand Bench // Made of the most durable material with such easy assembling pieces that instructions are barely needed. The kids are able to get right to playing and finding the perfect place for their new activity bench. We love it so much we included it in our festive fall blog along with fall photo shoot.  NYC apartment living must have for children! It fits so perfectly on the balcony for outdoor days, can double as a toy chest during the colder days and keeps the little ones comfy with their own personal seat at all times!

FullSizeRender (57)

2.  MAM Gift Set // This gift set is such a great starter for any one who may be expecting and not sure on which bottle brand will best fit new baby.  MaM is best known for their less colic and regurgitation design.  Not only will the design be a beautiful gift but the gift of helping a new mum feed a baby with ease will be so appreciated.

3. B.Box Smock Bib // This wonderful bib can take a child a long way.  Not only will it be a perfect handy product to have while your little one is learning how to eat on their own in the high chair, but keep it in a safe place for use once he/she wants to spend their time in front of the easel.

4. We’re actually taking our number four to once more with their diaper caddy ! We don’t usually do this but with the high quality make, feel and function of this product we had to share. There are 2 deep drawers and storage drop in space for mums needs and babies toys; just to keep them busy while easily changing on the included diaper pad!

5. Our number 5 was exclusively chosen to be listed by V & K!  Being that they’re newly second graders they are learning a lot about geography in social studies; which is becoming their favorite subject.  (Could it be because we love to travel?) The Silikids Foldable Silicone USA placemat // This fun place mat can travel with you or be used for everyday life at the kids table. We just love products that are good for more than one use.

6. Number 6 is a favorite of mine! As a mom of 6 year old twins I now am faced with the start of clothing/stuff wars. Though the girls enjoy sharing things together they also have the same style. The awesome company Stuck On You has the most adorable & comfortable must have pajamas, that are PERSONALIZED! Watch our fun holiday Video HERE to see how the girls styled their pajamas to wear in the video and the whole day!

If you enjoyed reading our gift guide ideas please comment below! We would love to hear if we were able to add any of our favorites to your list. Also, your comments will gain you a free Starbucks drink on us..(Limited to first come first serve) 💕💕

Enjoy our Holiday Video ✨


TwinDollicious Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for some awesome gift ideas for your mini me’s….. And we’re sharing a selection of the holiday gift guide list. 

1. For all of your festive and true Santa lover attire needs, we have adorable I 💗 Santa tees just in time for Christmas photos. 

2. Sending an early photography session gift card to a family or friend will guarantee a card in the mail of the gorgeous holiday themed session….be sure to look for their local photographer 

3. Freshly picked moccassins will not steer you wrong….and they’re actually having an early BlackTuesday sale TODAY! 

4. Begin a library for all of your favorite little ones with the start of a Holiday book. Santa’s helpers eve Christmas is listed on the site and ready to snuggle in a stocking. 

5. What would the Christmas season be without a gorgeous holiday dress. Can you say Candy Cane stories and Golden Tulle 

Holiday Dress // Freshly picked  

Our favorite things Gift guide

The season of gifting is here and we are collectively happy to share a few of our favorite things! I say collectively because it is with great pleasure that I do not have to guess what Vittoria and Kennedy will and will not love to receive from SANTA. Over the years I have made the lists and checked them twice, and marked myself as naughty (obviously) because I would never sneak a treat for me… But this year, with the help of TwinDollicious sisters V & K they have included a favorite for the mama bears! The great brand of Lovedbyhannahandeli ( is family approved with fun logo t’s worn by celebs of all ages and during small business Saturday you can gain a goodie or two at 20% OFF with discount code = SBS.
The girls were also extremely excited to include the beautiful nursing necklaces by http://www. As the story of not having nursing necklaces while double nursing was told to the girls, they immediately agreed that all moms should have them as a perfect gift or stocking stuffer; which will eventually be passed down to your non nursing toddler one day 🙂 to adorn a nursing mom with this is a blessing and from 11/28-12/11 this shop has made discount code holiday30 available for you to enjoy 30% OFF!
Topping the charts this year are accessories and moccs! is offering free shipping on their adorable fringed design moccasins, Black Friday Only when using code (blackfridayfreeship). charmed bracelets includes a collection of holiday charms, perfectly placed in time for gifting. And why wouldn’t you want to snag some for your growing dollies?!! They are also offering code Freeship from 11/26 through 11/30 (CyberMonday).
V & K’s recent fashionable must have are knotted headbands and slouchy beanies to allow their hair to be as natural yet tamed, so we were ecstatic when cold man winter lingered in and was there to the rescue. She has created a line of styles for boys and girls that can be worn all year long. Gifting now would just add to her super power to create more incredible pieces. Especially when she’s offering $5 OFF when you spend $30 or more & free shipping for orders over $100…just use code over100freeship.
But it wouldn’t be a season of believing without your little babe all suited with a fun holiday outfit or perfect t shirt like “Rudolph is my homeboy” which we would preferably pair with any holiday tutu found in our TwinDollicious collection!
And, as Thanksgiving approaches we would like to say thanks by giving all items on our site a Slashed price and 50 % OFF discount code of BOGO to be used at checkout









Easter Egg Crafts

This rainy Saturday has us in the crafty mood. Besides the fact that we are filling book orders until April 13th with some special filled egg surprises for Twindollicious friends.
We have taken a package of large sized pastel plastic eggs
Flat bottom rhinestones
Sticker glittered hearts
A glue gun
Non toxic fabric glue (for the little helpers)
And A Special Surprise Filler
Add the hearts and filler to your egg, close with snap and begin adding glue to the rhinestone one at a time.

We hope you try this at home for your littles basket or to gift to a friend.
If Any two can be Twindollicious is ordered before April 13th we will add it to your basket from us :):) Sshhh including a special best friend surprise.



These are a few of our favorite things

On the second day of Christmas we sharing a few of our favorite things to do and wear on cold snow days.  We found ourselves in Winter Wonderland.  This winter wonderland in Willowbrook Park, was filled with snow and ice covered branches, train rides around the park, a beautiful carousel, music and hot chocolate.  To keep the girls warm from all of the cold were layers upon layers of comfy clothes….. and somewhere underneath it all was their new favorite Twindollicious t shirt (which they have yet to decorate). better t shirt
 V & K enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, a train ride, carousel ride, a wink and wave to Santa. Now holiday fun like this is a BIG one of our favorite things. 

We are continuing our giveaways for day 2 with youth size Medium and Large Twindollicious t shirt for decorating fun: If you would like to join in please Like Twindollicious on facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram( ).. tag as many friends as you’d like and have them follow those steps. Winners will be announced 12/25/13 and continued taggers can win all listed giveaways.  

2 turtle doves


12 Days of Christmas with Giveaways and Celebrations

We’re counting down once again, but this time with giveaways to celebrate our first Christmas Holiday with Twindollicious. Our theme for the 12 days of Christmas count down is some of our favorite things. “These are a few of our favorite things” originally a non Christmas song, has become one of my favorite after Rod Stewart sang it; and with that, his voice will be going through head everytime I happily post another one of our favorite things. The count down will include our favorite boutiques, photographers, family, friends, books, trendy styles, dresses, accessories and more. Goodies and Giveaways from shops like Exclusive Child Boutique.. who we have recently collaborated with in adding our favorite pieces from the Twindollicious Collection
(Apparel for fashionable kids – a chic boutique for girls and boys, Starbucks gift cards, photographer secrets (DIY’s) from Cate Scaglione photography and others and more.
Day 1 of the count down is a goodie, because we’re starting with all things that sparkle!
Not only are we at the Twindollicious headquarters crazy about all things that sparkle but our Iphone cases matter when your rummaging through your messy momma diaper bag ( ok off subject, but…)These 2 cases made by Case Mate manufacturer, Glimmer for Iphone 5c and Glam for iphone 5/5s will be given away Twin style if all of these steps are followed.

96 glimmer case



1. Follow
2. Follow
3. Follow @twindollicious
You must get your friends involved to help you, because this is what being Twindollicious is about. Have as many friends as you can follow your steps to win and share your winnings with them, when chosen on Christmas Day 12/25/2013.

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